With the city host already known, 25 countries already confirming their participation in Malmo and some already publishing their song rules, we are going to see an analysis of whom the next representative should be flying the Maltese flag.

Fans in Malta and even around Europe have different opinions on who should represent the Mediterranean island but the following names could be the best fit for Malta’s successful comeback result in the contest. Malta always chose its representative with a national final. It has yet to choose someone via an internal selection and if the national broadcaster would consider this option the first artist which could be a perfect fit is Kevin Borg.

Kevin Borg is a Maltese singer but now resides in Sweden. Before moving to Sweden, Kevin had a very fruitful musical career. He was the resident singer of a very popular afternoon TV show between 2006 and 2007. His first participation in the ‘Malta Song For Europe’ was in 2006 with the song ‘You’re My Dream’. In a national final of 18 participants, Kevin managed to secure 8th place with his touching ballad. He tried his luck again in 2007 with his song ‘Whenever’ but this time he secured a 4th place position from a total of 16 participants. Both entries were highly praised by his fans and other Malta Song for Europe fans. But in December 2007, Kevin decided to move to Sweden to live with his girlfriend. During 2008 he decided to audition for ‘Idol’. Week by week, Kevin was gaining a huge support base in Sweden but in December 2008 he was the first Maltese artist to be crowned as the winner of the Swedish Idol with an outstanding 60% of the votes. After the final he was signed with Sony BMG and started to work on his debut album. March 2009 was the mark of Kevin, releasing his album in Sweden. The album was certified gold and reached no. 3 in the charts. He would be a perfect candidate to represent Malta because his music has a modern non-eurovision feel which could surprise many fans. Kevin is an amazing performer and knows how to work the stage, something that Malta really needs at the moment.


Another excellent choice for Malta to send at the Eurovision Song Contest would be the band Winter Moods. Malta has never been represented by a band but this would be the perfect act to start a new trend.

Winter Moods formed in the mid 80’s and has released a number of 5 albums during their time. Their albums ‘Winter Moods’, ‘Morning Ale’, ‘Butterfly House’, ‘Ordinary Men’ and ‘Argento’ were released in a span of 14 years. Every single that Winter Moods released from their studio albums became hits and received huge airplay in Malta. This band is the only Maltese group to hold a concert in Malta and have over 10,000 fans attend. Winter Moods are one of the Maltese bands to play alongside Maroon 5 and Enrique Iglesias during the Isle of MTV held in 2007. They also had the opportunity to perform with some of their idols such as Bryan Adams, Elton John and Deep Purple. Winter Moods also had the opportunity to perform in a number of festivals in Europe. In 2000 they performed at the Belfort Rock Festival in France and in 2002 they performed in Cyprus at the National Youth Rock Festival. They also participated in other festivals which were held in Rome, Germany and also Cologne. One must also note that Winter Moods won a number of awards such as the Icon Award for their on-going contribution the Maltese music scene. They also won awards for their huge hits ‘Closer’ and ‘The Everyday Song’. In 2007 the band won another 3 awards and this time for the Best Band, the viewer’s choice awards and for their Best Song ‘Marigold’ which became a huge hit on the Maltese islands and was included in their 4th studio album ‘Ordinary Men’. Although the group has never talked about their participation for the Eurovision Song Contest, the Maltese national broadcaster would make a good choice in inviting Winter Moods to try and represent Malta. This band is well recognized in Europe and also has a very different style that one might not expect to hear during the Eurovision Song Contest.


Another consideration that would make fans extremely happy is Ira Losco. Ira already knows the ins and outs of the Eurovision Song Contest during her time in Tallinn.

Ira Losco has become well known after her 2002 participation in the Eurovision Song Contest with her song ‘7th Wonder’ that eventually ended up 2nd place with only 12 points away from victory. Ira kick started her road to stardom after her participation and started to work on her album ‘Someone Else’ which was released in 2004. Ira started with a pop genre feel which was quite suited during that time and also we saw a more mature side than that of 7th Wonder. By this time Ira started to gain recognition around Europe. After her highly successful German Tour, in 2005 Ira released her next studio album ‘Accident Prone’. This was the album that made Ira one of the hottest Exports. Ira had amazing hits from this album such as ‘Get Out’ and a powerful ballad ‘Waking up To the Light’. A song from this album was called ‘Driving One of Your Cars’ which was originally released by Lisa Miskovsky (whom we saw at this year’s Melodifestivalen with her song ‘Why Start A Fire’). In 2006, Ira released her first acoustic album. The album was made from previous hits in acoustic version and also 3 international cover versions. After the release of this album, Ira had performed at the first Vodafone Music Jam concert that was sold out to a huge audience at the Hilton. During 2007 Ira released a DVD which contained snippets of her new upcoming songs and also clips from her festivals and gigs that she participated in Europe. In 2008 we saw the release of a rock genre album called ‘Fortune Teller’ and currently Ira is recording her follow up album. Ira has a great stage presence. She can rock the stage and we might say that Ira has evolved so much in her music from 7th Wonder, that if she would represent Malta, Europe would be in for a treat with the perfect package to score high in Eurovision.


Would you agree to send one of the above mentioned artists or would you send another Maltese representative that you might think has a good chance of getting top marks in the contest? After the summer months more details are expected to be released about Malta’s next participation in Sweden.