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Malta: Strip Search Kelly Schembri

New hit single for Kelly Schembri (Malta NF 2011)!

2011 Maltese national finalist, Kelly Schembri, has hit the music scene with a huge summer hit in Malta and over Europe. Many Europeans may remember Kelly Schembri participating in the Malta Song For Europe with her song ‘Love Me Like Your Money’. Since that performance, Kelly has recorded the music video, released a new single under the name ‘Kleptomaniac’ and is also recording some new tunes with her band ‘Monroe’.

Although Kelly did not win the golden ticket to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest, she is back with a vengeance. Her new single ‘Strip Search’ is being heavily played on the Maltese airwaves and is taking Europe by storm. This single also features ‘Honorebel’ and ‘Stephen Davids’. ‘Strip Search’ is composed by the Maltese songwriter ‘Gerard James Borg’ together with ‘Sven Lundholm’ and ‘Eric Rydmark’. The official video will soon follow in the coming weeks. Moreover, Kelly has recently spoken to escXtra in an interview which will be published in the coming weeks.

While we wait for the official video of the summer hit ‘Strip Search’ you can have a listen, here at escXtra.com


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Monday, August 6th, 2012 at 11:21 pm

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