Ralph Siegel claims failure for Lys Assia at the Swiss selection for Malmö would mean an end to his Eurovision career. “If this doesn’t work, I’m gonna give up”, he states in an interview with Schweizer Fernsehen this week. An excerpt of the track submitted by Lys Assia and ‘New Jack’ for the Swiss national selection has been made public by Schweizer Fernsehen. It can  be viewed here.

Following an appearance in last year’s Swiss national final, Lys Assia (88) has teamed up again with prolific Eurovision veteran Ralph Siegel (67), in a bid to take the Eurovision stage for the fourth time, after spending the last 54 editions on the sidelines. While she’s been away, Siegel compositions have been performed at Eurovision on twenty occasions. (Twenty one, if you include the reprise of the winning ‘Ein Bisschen Frieden’.)

New to the Eurovision fold are pop-urban act New Jack, whose combined ages match that of Lys Assia. Group member Fresh L (Linford Boateng) says “it’s a dream to be in Eurovision”, stating how “honoured” the group are  to work with the first Eurovision winner. Somewhat bizarrely, Rapper MC-R (Ernest Pedro) is a hairdresser when he’s not rapping and claims to have styled Lys’ hair for the promotional video of ‘All in your head”.

Lys Assia describes the four artists in New Jack as “very serious boys” and comments how she “always likes to have young guys surrounding me”.

In his epic Eurovision career, composer Ralph Siegel has composed songs that cover the brightest and murkiest corners of pop, so many eyebrows were raised when it was announced that his latest collaboration with Eurovision grand dame Lys Assia would be in a “hip-hop style”. In fact, the 38-second clip suggests, the “hip-hop” song is notable for having no hip-hop beat, but rather a ’90s eurodance beat, to which Lys sings a melodic tune while New Jack rap. The lyrics within the released excerpt are exclusively in English.

The Swiss entrant for Eurovision 2013 will be selected by ‘Die Grosse Engscheidungs Show’ at Kreuzlingen on 15 December 2012. escXtra editors will be live at the event, bringing you coverage of the final.

So, “how is the flow?” What are your views on Lys Assia’s latest attempt for Eurovision success? escXtra would like to see your comments below.

Thanks to escXtra’s Nick van Lith for translation.