Hungary will once again choose the Eurovision entrant through series of semi finals and final, just like last year. MTV has announced today all the “rules” of A Dal 2013, where the Hungarian song for Malmö will be chosen.

In a contrast to last year, there will be five jury members. Kati Wolf will be replaced by the lead singer of Compact Disco, Csaba Walkó. There will be four male jurors, and one female.

The deadline to enter the songs to MTVA for A Dal is the 20th of December. Songs must not be released before the 1st of September, and all the entered songs have to be in Hungarian. Artists and composers can also send in songs in English, but every artist will have to perform the songs in Hungarian in the televised national selection. MTV and MTVA reserve the right to choose the language the selected song will be sung in Malmö. MTV and MTVA reserve the right to replace the singer for any of the selected songs if they think it’s necessary.

All the applicants need to send their song in a CD or DVD format, pictures of the singer, composer, and lyricist(s) (for the English lyrics version as well, if applicable), the lyrics of the song (in writing), the video clip (if it has been made), and a statement that they read, understood and accept all the rules of the national selection process. Everyone interested should send their songs in to: Eurovíziós Dalfesztivál, MTVA, 1037 Budapest, Kunigunda útja 64 – no later than the 20th of December. A specially formed jury will then listen through all the received songs, and choose the best ones to enter the national selection. The dates of the national selection will be announced soon.