The popular talent show “The Voice” has started in Russia as well, and is being broadcasted on 1TV, the broadcaster responsible of sending an entry to the Eurovision Song Contest next year in Sweden. Dima Bilan, the runner-up  of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, and the winner in 2008 is one of the coaches, and he will “get the winner ready for Eurovision”.

As they say in Channel One, the main highlight of Golos (The Voice) will not only be a large sum of money and a contract to record an album with Universal Music, but also a chance to compete for the right to represent Russia in the upcomming Eurovision Song Contest 2013, to be held in Malmö.Dima Bilan who is one of the four coaches should help the winner of Golos get ready for Eurovision as well.

In recent years when Channel One selected the Russian entry, the choice was internal. Will the trend continue and will the winner of Golos be directly chosen as the Russian entry, or will a national final be organized with the winner of Golos being one of the contestants – remains to be seen soon.