A day after the 30 songs to take part in A Dal were announced, Szirtes Edina Mókus (pictured) withdrew from the national selection. Hoffmann Mónika will take her place in the contest with the song “”Hullócsillag”.

Szirtes Edina Mókus explained that after the 30 songs have been announced, and hers was there as well, she started thinking that she might be in breach of the rules, as she sang the song “”Ha virág lennék” (If I were a flower) in one of her concerts before, even though that was not the final version of the song. She contacted her record label about it, and after that the jury member Viktor Rakonczai to consult them, and then officially withdrew from the national selection.

The preselection jury was awarding points to the 244 songs when they were listening to them, in order to choose the 30 finalists. The one ranked 31st who will now enter A Dal is Mónika Hoffmann with the song “Hullócsillag” (Shooting star), who already took part in the Hungarian national selection in 2008. Her song was composed by herself, Jonas Gladnikoff, Primoz Poglajen and Michael James Down, while the lyrics were written by Puskás Peti, another entrant in A Dal this year.