In the first of our interviews with the Greek national finalists, we spoke to Alex Leon, who is trying to win the ticket to Malmö together with Giorgina. They will try to do this with their song Angel. Read what he had to say below! Hello! Congratulations on being selected for the Greek national final! How do you feel being selected?
Alex Leon: I obviously feel privileged but more importantly I feel positively surprised that already our listeners love our song so much! I’ve always respected my audience and now its paying off!

X: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
A: Ok, just a little bit though. :) I am Alexander and among other things, I love expressing my feelings and thoughts through music. I’ve spent most of my years getting better at doing so. My plan is to carry on experimenting and bettering my production skills as well as writing music that resonates with the soul.

X: Could you tell us about your music career so far?
A: In general, that which one could call a career has had many ups and downs. Lately though, I feel even more determined to express myself through music in a way that I feel is more genuine than before. It has taken me many years of practicing to reach this level of production sound and now I’m more confident that I can deliver to my audience. Basically my audience’s appreciation for what I do is what shapes my career. Two years ago I signed with Panik Records and things are just getting better and better!


X: How would you describe your style?
A: I don’t have a specific style and don’t follow specific genres. That could get a bit confusing for my fans and is not usually encouraged by record-labes. Curiously though, my fans can spot certain musical phrases and production techniques that I use in various songs. I’ve also been told that the overall selection of sounds and the texture of the mix/master is recognisable! The Panik Records team quite enjoy the fact that I can write and produce all styles of music for various artists, while maintaining that “Alex Leon sound”!

X: Your song is called ‘Angel’. How would you describe its style?
A: Rythmically I would describe it as a house-tempo track with chillstep and dubstep elements.
Musically, it is a ballad based on traditional Greek and Middle Eastern scales. The vocal line has elements of gothic rock as well as ethnic twists… and the climaxes are easily recognisable across all music genres, quite literally making it Break-Dance Pop!

X: Is there a message in your song ‘Angel’?
A: Shane (Riskykidd) and I, while working on the song, wanted to convey a general feeling of despair while using some of the same words at key-places to give a small taste of a meaningful solution (if that makes any sense)!
Although we tried to change things and move them around in the song, the message of “Angel” as a concept, is what cuts through the entire track and speaks for itself. Something like an angelic intervetion if you will.

X: How did the collaboration between you arise?
A: After hours and days in the studio auditioning many fine singers, the studio owner asked me if I had Giorgina in mind for this song. I had no idea who Giorgina is and so, as I was approaching my deadline from both Panik Records as well as the ESC comitee here in Greece, Giorgos Arsenakos (owner of  panik records) called Giorgina and hours later she was in the booth auditioning “Angel”. Suddenly my ears were tuning into another dimension with her performance. I just couldn’t believe my luck! This girl has a very bright future and as for her as a performer… you have to “hear” to believe!

X: Would you consider yourself to be a fan of Eurovision?
A: Not really, no. I watch it nearly every year and I’m always surprised with the music and spectacular performances. But as the months go past, all I keep in mind, during the months in-between contests, are the songs and performances which I enjoyed the most. Some of them unfortunately didn’t even make it to the top 10.

X: What is your favourite Eurovision entry of all time?
A: I can name a few, but not favourites though! There are many.
An obvious one would be Helena Paparizou – “My Number One”, another great one was Patricia Kaas – “S’il fallait le faire”, Sertab Erener – “Everyway That I Can” could play on the radio forever… seriously there are many fantastic songs!

X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers in in Europe and beyond?
A: Hey friends! I am really happy to participate in the Greek finals aiming for the Eurovision Song Contest and you should know that through you are getting so much loving detail about each and every entry… its simply amazing! If Giorgina and I get to represent Greece in Sweden this May, we will definately keep in mind that there are thousands of escXtra readers from allover the world paying close attention. We will do our best to make the loving feeling in our hearts, an experience that radiates outwards internationally!