Happy Friday! Welcome to our live coverage of Eurosong 2013, Ireland’s selection show for Eurovision, which will take place on The Late Late Show.   The five songs competing tonight are:

1. Inchequin – Son Kez / The Last Time
2. Aimee Fitzpatrick – Crashing Down
3. Zoë Alexis Bohorquez – Fire
4. Ryan Dolan – Only Love Survives 
5. Kasey – Kiss Me There

The show begins at 22:35 CET and you can watch it live on Eurovision.tv. Stay tuned!

Emma Backfish (USA) February 23, 201312:38 am

Ryan will come back to reprise his entry “Only Love Survives” and with that we will say goodnight. Thanks for following along!

Emma Backfish (USA) February 23, 201312:34 am

Ryan Dolan wins!

Danny N. (United Kingdom) February 23, 201312:34 am

Emma Backfish (USA) February 23, 201312:33 am

Dublin gives 12 points to Ryan, Aimee is in the lead by 2 with the jury.

Danny N. (United Kingdom) February 23, 201312:33 am

Total Jury points

Danny N. (United Kingdom) February 23, 201312:32 am

Danny N. (United Kingdom) February 23, 201312:31 am

Danny N. (United Kingdom) February 23, 201312:30 am

Danny N. (United Kingdom) February 23, 201312:30 am

Cork Jury: http://escxtra.com/wp-content/uploads/cork-386×215.png

Emma Backfish (USA) February 23, 201312:28 am

Voting is about to begin…

Emma Backfish (USA) February 23, 201312:24 am

Lordi are performing their winning song “Hard Rock Hallelujah” now!

Danny N. (United Kingdom) February 23, 201312:21 am

We’re now taking a look at some of the other selected entries for Eurovision 2013

Emma Backfish (USA) February 23, 201312:19 am

The panel are now talking about what they “really” think of the songs, which kind of negates their after song opinions, don’t you think?

Emma Backfish (USA) February 23, 201312:16 am

The voting lines are closed.

Emma Backfish (USA) February 23, 201312:12 am

Lordi are performing after this commercial break, by the way!

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201311:45 pm

So we’ll get a bit of a break in the show with commercials now and an interview with actor Danny DeVito (which should admittedly be awesome), so we’ll be back things kick up again!

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201311:42 pm

Sadly, the panel are going to take a breather and the voting lines are now open with a quick reminder of the performers.

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201311:38 pm

Mairead Farrell is the mentor to the last performer tonight, Kasey with her song “Kiss Me There”. Kasey’s up on the stage with two backing singers, both separated on two separate platforms. The vocals are appropriate for the style of song, and compared to some of what we’ve seen tonight she sounds fine! Besides a bit of shimmying and arm raising there’s not much going on in this performance which is a tad bit problematic for a upbeat dance song (especially on a Eurovision related stage), and makes me think it might not be in with a chance to win tonight.

Danny N. (United Kingdom) February 22, 201311:32 pm

Ryan is up next with ‘Only Love Survives’ and is joined on stage by two female backing singers, two male dancers and a band of two drum players. The production in this is great and has a very mainstream sound. Dressed casually, Ryan performs the song on a platform and doesn’t seem to struggle with any of the high notes. It definitely has a Eurovision feel to it and gets a great reaction from the crowd. Can see this one doing very well tonight in both jury/televoting.

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201311:24 pm

So the panel seem to be skirting the issue that Zoë’s vocals were quite bad and are using terms like “terrific” and “quite good” to describe this performance.

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201311:22 pm

And Zoë’s up now with a very short dress, backing singers and dancers with the same design on their dresses. This is a building dance song, and sadly it doesn’t seem like Zoë’s voice is keeping up with it at all, which is a shame as with a good vocal this could be quite good. I can’t see this winning unless Niall Horan’s fans power vote!

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201311:19 pm

Now onto Zoë Alexis and her song “Fire”, with a chat with mentor Niall Mooney before. Apparently Zoë has a “Cinderella” story cos she worked in the canteen at RTÉ and now she’s “at the ball”. Sure.

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201311:17 pm

Back from commercial and looking at the green room with exciting glowing white boxes scattered around.

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201311:11 pm

And we’re up with a commercial break!

Danny N. (United Kingdom) February 22, 201311:07 pm

‘Crashing Down’ is performed by 18 year old Aimee Fitzpatrick. She is joined on stage by three backing singers, all dressed in black. The song itself is a soothing ballad and Aimee’s vocals really come across well. This could go down well with both the juries and the public. I definitely see this one as a contender.

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201311:02 pm

The panel seems to be focused on a “dance beat” that I’m not exactly sure existed in the song, but they still liked it!

Danny N. (United Kingdom) February 22, 201311:01 pm

Shay Healy says she was pleased with the performance but has concerns that it may not appeal to the younger audience.

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201310:59 pm

Inchequin are a six piece group with several vocalists and several instruments. Their song is uptempo, and aside from the tiny bit of Turkish being spoken, and an Irish/Turkish sounding instrumental break, it’s feeling very much like a regular pop song that is pleasantly presented, with some vocals that could be improved upon. I don’t see this as the eventual winner, but there was no disaster here!

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201310:54 pm

Shay Healy is the mentor to the first performers tonight, Inchequin with their song “Son Kez/The Last Time” and Ryan’s having a chat with him right now.

Danny N. (United Kingdom) February 22, 201310:52 pm

We’re being reminded that tonight’s winner will be decided by a mixture of televoting and regional juries

Danny N. (United Kingdom) February 22, 201310:48 pm

We’re now seeing a montage of Eurovision winners from the past five years

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201310:43 pm

Ryan is talking to the panel about their opinions and memories of Eurovision right now.

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201310:40 pm

Marty Whelan, Bill Hughes and Evelyn O’Rourke are the Eurosong panel tonight.

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201310:39 pm

Ryan Tubridy is welcoming us and explaining what will be happening on the show, including a performance from 2006 Eurovision winners, Lordi!

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201310:37 pm

And we’re off!

Danny N. (United Kingdom) February 22, 201310:34 pm

Good Evening all! You can tweet us your comments on tonight’s show through our Twitter account @escXtra or through our Facebook page.

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201310:31 pm

By the way, Dan’s going to be a part of the coverage here tonight. So you’ll be hearing from both of us!

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201310:30 pm

And we’ve cut into the RTÉ feed now and will now be treated to a weather forecast.

Emma Backfish (USA) February 22, 201310:29 pm

The show should be starting in a few minutes!