Rehearsals only just started in Malmö, but we already have the first confirmation for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. The Netherlands have confirmed they will participate, with their ‘new’ broadcaster AvroTros.

TROS’ contract for Eurovision ended after 2013, which led to rumours that would Anouk fail in Malmö, the country might possibly withdraw. These rumours now turn out to be untrue. Current broadcaster TROS and Junior Eurovision broadcaster AVRO will now join forces and will continue participating in Eurovision under their new name AvroTros.
The merging between AVRO and TROS was insisted on by the Dutch government, who decided the Dutch needed fewer and bigger broadcasters, which forced several broadcasters to merge.

Suggestions say that the Dutch will opt for a national final, the Nationaal Songfestival, in 2014, possibly with a set-up with semifinals and a final. That set-up was already developed for 2013, but the broadcaster followed the wishes of the Dutch public and instead chose Anouk internally to represent them in Malmö.