Latvian broadcaster LTV has just released a press statement amending the dates for their national selection, Dziesma 2014.

The semi-finals that were previously stated to be taking place on the 18th and 19th of January have been pushed back two weeks and will instead take place on the 1st and 2nd of February, with the final shifting three weeks from the 1st of February down to the 22nd.

Program Development Manager Sergejs Nesterovs commented on the date change stating that the dates were due to the amount of important events already taking part in early 2014 such as the shift to the Euro currency, Riga festival 2014 and the Sochi Winter Olympics, further stating that “the broadcasting of such an important and large event as national selection for Eurovision Song Contest requires particular preparations. It is essential to have at least a little bit of time after a production of an event broadcast to prepare for the next one to provide the best possible technical quality and broadcast.”

Despite the date change, the rules of the national final remain the same with the deadline for song submissions remaining as November 20th. The tagline of the competition remains the same as Dziesma this year being “Stand Up, Europe!”.

A significant rule change for the 2014 Dziesma competition is that once again, only Latvian authors may submit entries to the national selection. This rule has been suspended a number of times in the past, but the allowance of foreign song submissions in 2013 led to some controversy locally, which Dziesma 2013 winners PeR used to support their entry.

The 24 songs selected for the semi-finals will be announced in a press conference on December 2, and once again the contest will be taking part in co-operation with the city of Ventspils.