Maria Yaremchuk and the song “Tick-Tock” took the title in today’s televised national final to represent Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The song, which is the first song to be selected for next year’s contest, was a convincing winner of the national televote, and also with the professional jury, which decided half of the contest each.

Results of the show were as follows:

Mariya Yaremchuk- ”Tick-Tock” – 24 points
Viktoria Petryk- ”Love Is Lord” – 17 points
Volodimir Tkachenko- ”Byti tam de ti” – 16 points
Viktor Romanchenko- ”Na krayu propasti” – 16 points
Natalia Valevska- ”Love Makes You Beautiful” – 14 points
neAngely- ”Courageous” – 14 points
Illaria- ”I’m Alive” – 14 points
Evgeny Litvinkovich- ”Strelyanaya ptitsa” – 12 points
Shanis- ”Moya dusha” – 10 points
Stas Shurins- ”Why” – 9 points
Lissa Wassabi- ”No Fear” – 9 points
Anatoly Shparev- ”Waiting For You” – 8 points
Tatiana Shirko- ”Let Go” – 6 points
Roman Polonsky- ”Wanted Dead Or Alive” – 6 points
Marietta- ”It’s My Life” – 5 points
Denis Lyubimov- ”Love” – 5 points
Anna-Maria- “5 Stars Hotel” – 4 points
Tania BerQ- ”Believe Me” – 4 points
Anna Hodorovska- ”Yesli yest lyubov” – 3 points
Uli Rud- ”Tsvetok” – 2 points