Depending on where you live you’re either saying goodbye or hello to summer! Why not throw a party to celebrate? We know how just to get it going!



Who can go past a classic like this to ease you into the party mood?




Talk about infectious! (hopefully it wasn’t that lipstick you borrowed)



Everything it should be.


One you can definitely belt out on the dancefloor.



Worth it just for the drop alone – This IS how we do it!


A dance hit before a remix, prepare to keep going up, up, up, up, up!


For that time in every party when you’re dancing with tears in your eyes!


I think we found one with that special something!


Unexpectedly danceable! Grab your friends and sing your heart out!


More of a cover/remix but how can you go past such pumping nostalgia?

An Australian from Melbourne who's passion exploded after our first ever inclusion and my first ever attended ESC. Don't worry I've been heavily into it since 2004, even taking over a high school assembly with my own (in hindsight terrible) version. Relatively new to the ESC community, but with a background in media and theatre, I only look forward to my yearly (but lengthy) pilgrimage.

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