…Norway‘s Maria Haukaas Mittet is in the running to win a singing contest on Norwegian telly once again? She is taking part in „Stjernekamp“ (Battle of the Stars) on NRK, and so far she‘s doing really well. In the first three battles the contestants have competed in the following genres; Norwegian Rock, Country and Latin.

…Icelandic National Team goalie Hannes Þór Halldórsson was the stage director for „Never Forget“ in Baku? He‘s also the man behind the beautiful video to „Mundu eftir mér/Never Forget“. We asked Greta Salóme what she thought of working with Hannes, and she said „He was amazing! So professional.“

Photo; fifa.com
Photo; fifa.com

…Trijntje Oosterhuis is selling her Amsterdam mansion? It has, among other things, 5 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a sauna! It also has a 4000m2 garden. If you have 1.275mill euro sitting in a drawer or stuffed into your mattress, this is your chance (check out more pictures here)! Perhaps she‘ll even sing you a song upon closing the deal?

Photo; bekendeburen.nl
Photo; bekendeburen.nl

…Eurovision swingers Electro Velvet has postponed crowfunding their new EP? This as a result of having just 91 people signing up for it… Ouch!

…De Toppers‘ Gordon was the victim of a hit and run while on holiday in Greece? He was taken to hospital with several broken bones, and two days ago he tweeted that after 12 days in bed he is now a changed man, appreciating life much more aftert he accident. Asked about his accident he‘s also said; “I normally don’t mind getting hit from behind in Greece, but this time it hurt.” We don’t know if this terrible accident happened in the dark, but if so; it might have helped if he’d been a bit more shi…eh, sparkly…


…Páll Óskar has bought himself a new car? After driving his Toyota Corolla ever since his Eurovision year (bought brand new) he has now traded up to an Auris Hybrid. He decided to get the car made up to match his personality, and does it ever!? No wonder Iceland loves this guy!

Photo; Páll Óskar's facebook
Photo; Páll Óskar’s facebook

I'm Norwegian, presently living in Iceland. My mom loves Eurovision, and always let me stay up to watch the contest since before I can remember, so I'm "second generation Eurovision lunatic". My musical god is David Bowie, so I'm obviously not into the stereotypical Eurovision songs. I prefer the rocky/bluesy/jazzy/ethnic songs over schlager and mainstream ballads, though I occasionally surprise myself (and others)... I HATE canned drums and "Cvet Z juga". Photo © Tobias König

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