Good morning from Stockholm! It’s getting warmer (weather and contest wise) and we are ready for Day 4 of rehearsals – the last mute day on our live stream!

We will be finishing the second semifinal today, with a quick day ahead.

This will be the schedule for the day (all times in CEST):

  • Slovenia 10:00 – 10:30
  • Bulgaria 10:40 – 11:10
  • Denmark 11:20 – 11:50
  • Ukraine 12:00 – 12:30
  • LUNCH 12:30 – 13:30
  • Norway 13:40 – 14:10
  • Georgia 14:20 – 14:50
  • Albania 15:00 – 15:30
  • Belgium 15:40 – 16:10

Sophie Haustein
May 5, 20162:53 pm

The 70s-inspired staging works really well with the song. Laura and her
dancers are showing off some nice moves and seem to have fun on stage.
No, we don’t need a “Come on, Stockholm”!

Simon Wells
May 5, 20162:51 pm

Vocally Laura is pretty precise and the dancers do a decent job of providing backing vocals. The staging is exactly what you’d expect, with an exuberant performance and plenty of choreography, with Laura working together with the dancers. It is all very smiley!
Do we need a “come on Stockholm!”?

Simon Wells
May 5, 20162:44 pm

We have a chat with Poli about the message behind her song – what is her message to those living in places where love is a crime?

Sophie Haustein
May 5, 20162:19 pm

So for the second run-through, they added some kind of white steps on the floor. And I think they muted the male background singer. Still doesn’t help the overall blandness.

Sophie Haustein
May 5, 20162:10 pm

There is barely anything going on on stage which won’t help the Albanian entry being noticed at all. You can hear the male background singer a little too clearly, which is slightly distracting.

Simon Wells
May 5, 20162:05 pm

The first run-through stops abruptly after a few seconds when it is realised that Eneda’s mic is not working. Things are sorted a few seconds later. She has black leather trousers and a white jacket. Her eye contact with the camera is good, and there is a lot of variety in camera
There is a starred gold backdrop and floor, but there is no particular staging or effects to report. Her vocals are mostly fine, save a couple of strained notes, but no significant problems. They are playing it very safe. Too safe.

Sophie Haustein
May 5, 20161:27 pm

The weird mirror visuals are messing with your head – just like the song. Even though the performance suits the song and the band, I was expecting something a bit more exciting on stage from Georgia.

Simon Wells
May 5, 20161:23 pm

Georgia: THe opening images show the band in mirror image, this lasts through the first verse. The lighting is blue and pink, and there are a couple of quick bursts of monochrome. The look and sound are quite britpop-rock, and the staging stays honest to this. The mirror image effect is back for quick bursts in the chorus; there is some tightening up to do with this. The stage act is a proper rock performance, no gimmicks on stage.

Sophie Haustein
May 5, 201612:49 pm

All in white and surrounded by blue light, Agnete and a single dancer appear on two platforms. Agnete leaves the dancer up there and goes down to the middle of the stage herself. Vocally everything sounds fine, only the dancer girl is struggling to keep her body suit in the right place.

Brent Davidson
May 5, 201612:45 pm

First up after lunch it’s Norway! Everything is looking very blue and she is in a white sort of holey dress (with her midriff showing). The light show is really impressive but they have really kept her still in the centre of the stage. So lots of hand choreography and bending. It’s not bad, but it isn’t standing out either. Maybe some Pyro will lift it, or even some wind. It might be time to throw a bit more at it!

Brent Davidson
May 5, 201611:56 am

We are chatting live with Moldova! Join us on the live stream!

Simon Wells
May 5, 201611:18 am

Ukraine – By Ukrainian standards this is simply presented, but it is beautifully and effectively done. Jamala is all in black, and the staging is quite dark too. However, the lighting and use of the background is stunning, especially the graphics that surround Jamala on the floor. I hope they don’t try to add much more, it doesn’t need it.

Peter Dunwoody
May 5, 201611:15 am

Ukraine, wow. I thought this would be quite divisive but I can see many people getting behind this. Beautifully staged, Jamala holds back vocally when she needs to and give it welly and the song calls for it. The stage looks great, and the lasers at the start are very effective. With a few tidied up camera angles and more importantly a lot of WIND at the end, it could be a top five return for Ukraine.

Sophie Haustein
May 5, 201611:14 am

The visuals on the floor and in the background are pretty impressive. I especially like the rising tree, but the colorful animations don’t really suit the song I think. She really seems to feel what she is singing though and shows it in her slightly disturbing way to move.

Simon Wells
May 5, 201610:58 am

Denmark have had three runthroughs now and there is little to report, no additional effects or pyros. Not bad in any way, but rather bland. The mic stands are lit up with white lights, and we had the jet firework fountains into the last chorus on the fourth runthrough.

Peter Dunwoody
May 5, 201610:44 am

Denmark is exactly as it was in the national final – all the high notes are present and correct but there’s no way they’re being sung by any of the three main singers. Not much to say about this really – I refuse to believe this isn’t too middle-of-the-road to qualify.

Brent Davidson
May 5, 20169:57 am

Bulgaria, wow! Poli is smashing it in what I would consider the best use of the stage screens so far. Also, she dances and sings! Which is definitely a good thing. If there was any question about this one qualifying the mood is quickly changing. This is so good! Oh boy it was in my top 5 before but it’s climbing up. I love what she is wearing also, yes it also lights up! Definite Qualifier.

Simon Wells
May 5, 20169:54 am

This is good.
Poli spends most of the performance alone on stage. She is one of very few acts that is singing and dancing, and it works. She is wearing black with a lot of nude fabric, but the feature of the outfit is chevrons of white which in the final chorus are illuminated. Poli is energetic throughout and the song is well tuned. The hidden vocalists appear in the final chorus alongside Poli, but I would have perhaps hoped they appeared earlier and joined in the choreography.

Matteo Manta
May 5, 20169:33 am


Matteo Manta
May 5, 20169:32 am

It’s quite a safe choice for Slovenia. This is really Taylor Swift singing Love Story ages ago. Red blue and white – as usual. Peter just came in and pointed out that looks like the stage of The Voice. She knows how to sing, but it feels a bit bland. She walks around and then a sexy athlete goes on a pole. The only selling proposition there.

Brent Davidson
May 5, 20169:17 am

Ok so first up it’s Manuella from Slovenia. There isn’t too much to say about the first rehearsal. She looks stunning in her white dress and moves around the stage singing, but it really isn’t doing much. There is a sort of acrobatic man who does some very smooth sort of spinning and his core strength must be out of this world. But that said, it doesn’t seem to add to the experience. I am hoping a couple of things get added otherwise it might get lost in the wash.

Matteo Manta
May 5, 20168:47 am

Guess what? We are live from Stockholm!

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