After the excitement of last night, we’re hitting refresh and going right back to the start as dress rehearsals kick off for semi-final 2. The main event is tomorrow night and the artists perform for the juries tonight, but this afternoon is when we first get the chance to see the show in full.

We’ll be covering the action from 1700 CEST in our live blog below and also commentating on our live stream at so please watch along with us as we keep you abreast of the action.

Peter Dunwoody
May 11, 20164:05 pm

Hey guys! Apologies for the lack of live stream at the moment, we’re working on it, but please join us on our live blog and on Twitter and Snapchat – we’ll keep you informed, don’t worry!

Peter Dunwoody
May 11, 20164:06 pm

Those who were bemoaning the lack of a big show number in semi-final 1, never worry, the opening number is a big musical theatre spectacular starring Mans and Petra about the history of Eurovision. Camp as Christmas!

Peter Dunwoody
May 11, 20164:09 pm

Oh my god, best f**king opening number EVER – you are in for a treat.

Peter Dunwoody
May 11, 20164:11 pm

If you loved Petra’s Swedish Smorgasbord, you will LIVE FOR that opening.

Peter Dunwoody
May 11, 20164:15 pm

Latvia: Justs starts off shakier vocally than he has been before, but he really brings it back by the end. The industrial staging is even more industrial than it has been before, and although he’s alone up there he never looks lost. Very strong opener and should be an easy qualifier. I can see juries loving it especially.

Peter Dunwoody
May 11, 20164:19 pm

Poland: What colour is your life? The answer is red. Very red. Michal is really going for it vocally but it means he veers off now and again. Still a bit dated, but the music does fill the room, and it could get an older vote. Wow his vocals really do struggle towards the end though.

Peter Dunwoody
May 11, 20164:24 pm

Switzerland still as dirgey as ever. The hair really wasn’t a great idea and the smoke farting at the start is off-putting. Rykka still csfs and the song is just 3 minutes of missed potential.

Peter Dunwoody
May 11, 20164:38 pm

Israel is solid as ever. I have my doubts about how much it will stand out so early in the show but I still think it should be qualifying.

Belarus is just a bit underwhelming.
More Eurovision taxi after song 5.

Peter Dunwoody
May 11, 20164:40 pm

Sanja from Serbia completely fluffed the money note for the first time ever! Hopefully she doesn’t do that tonight!

Peter Dunwoody
May 11, 20164:42 pm

Ireland is a professional show, but the song is slightly bland and crucially Nicky isn’t singing it as well as he could…

Peter Dunwoody
May 11, 20164:51 pm

We’re streaming live now by the way so please join us at!

Macedonia was strong vocally except for some of the big notes at the end. Unfortunately the whole package just looks like something of another era and I can’t see it qualifying.
Lithuania will get the crowd going after some mid-tempos but will it translate as well on screen? I’m having slight doubts… and come on Donny, sort your hair out!

Peter Dunwoody
May 11, 20164:55 pm

Dami Im is absolutely spot on for Australia – such a pro. The staging is great even though she is stationary on her plinth for most of the song. It really works and her sparkly attire is great.

Peter Dunwoody
May 11, 20165:01 pm

Slovenia is a bit boring but there’s nothing wrong with it per se (other than the completely unnecessary trapeze artist)

Peter Dunwoody
May 11, 20165:06 pm

I love If Love Was A Crime so much, and I love Poli, and I so want Bulgaria to get a good result. I think they will, but I can’t see it competing with the BIGGER performances. I hope I’m wrong…

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20165:08 pm

<font color="fdfdfd” face=”ProximaNova-Regular, sans-serif”>A simple presentation from Denmark. They need to drastically improve their vocals in time for tonight’s jury show. The camera shots can be faster for the upbeat song. Hopefully the position of the running order can help them a bit but can’t see this making the cut!

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20165:16 pm

Jamala should slay in this semi-final. A very good rehearsal but we should expect much better from her tonight. The Ukrainian visual presentation is absolutely fabulous and impressive. She should win the jury vote and win some hearts of the viewers.

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20165:19 pm

Agnete finally broke the ice. She looked good and though am not a big fan of this song, I must admit that I was hooked with her presentation today. Somehow I can see this one over come the semi-final hurdle.

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20165:26 pm

Time for Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz and what can you say. Too much of noise and can’t relate anything with this song. Very lame presentation and no final for Georgia.

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20165:28 pm

Eneda Tarifa clad in a gold dress looks stunning and her vocals were good. Eneda connected well with the camera. The song is not that strong though but the position she’s singing on is good so that can help her.

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20165:31 pm

Laura Tesoro ends this run through with style. In the beginning she sounded a bit excited but then she appeared settled and looked jolly for this upbeat song. She should enjoy every second of this energetic performance and hopefully she transmits that tonight. Belgium has a golden opportunity to do well in the semi-final.

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20165:32 pm

Time for a recap now

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20165:47 pm

Petra says that thunder & lightning it’s getting exciting before the hosts announced the countdown.

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20165:52 pm

Time for the interval act

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20165:54 pm

There meant to be something but still no sign of an interval act.

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20165:55 pm

We’re back, the interval act starts now with epics music, a robot and a dancer

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20165:57 pm

A very interesting choreography with robots, lasers and dancing to contemporary music.

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20165:59 pm

The name of the interval act is Men vs Machines

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20166:04 pm

So the hosts were presenting the other 3 finalists i.e. Germany, Italy & United Kingdom in their respective country accent. Petra’s accent in Italian is very good while Måns accent as a Briton is funny.

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20166:04 pm

The hosts introduce another feature about facts & figures in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20166:09 pm

So Jamie-Lee sounded very strong and appeared focused on stage. She will sing the whole song tonight and tomorrow during the third dress rehearsal and broadcast show a snippet of the act will be shown.

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20166:12 pm

Time for the beautiful Italian princess, Francesca. Her make-up looks fabulous and though she started a bit on a low key, she continued the performance in a very professional way. Her passionate performance will transmit the real message behind this song.

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20166:17 pm

The duo from UK are next. Joe & Jake sounds ok but there is nothing impressive apart from the pyros which we will see in the end on the night. Still their lack of experience can’t help them to impress Europe.

Edward Montebello
May 11, 20166:18 pm

The rehearsal ends now and there will be no time for fake qualifiers.

Content Manager: In the real world I work in PR and I love pizza, dogs and gin. When it comes to Eurovision I can be quite a cynical fan at times, but I can always be won over by a killer key-change.

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  1. Franko

    May 11, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    Is Mans wearing the same outfit? Last night I thought he was going to explode, but I wouldn’t have cared lol…


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