Finally summer is here (even in the middle of Norway (or nowhere, as I sometimes call it…)), and we would like to share our summer favorites! And even though there is a wide range of songs that remind us of summer, there are two songs that have more than one supporter. 

As much as I don’t drink wine, a song that talks about moon shining on a Greek balcony, while having just a bit of wine, a bit of sea and a boyfriend shouts SUMMER to me. But also: the bouzouki weeping during the night, the passion of the Greek men and the starry nights… yes. This is my song for summer. And this is probably one of my favourites out of all the Greek entries.

It’s a fun upbeat pop song where the Greek instrumental really wanna make you dance at a summer party. It’s one of those Eurovision songs that are designed for the summer in which people can dance to

My song definitely has to be Greece 2012, Aphrodisiac! I absolutely love the traditional Greek elements in this song, probably because they remind me of the beautiful beaches in my favourite summer destination, Greece itself. This entry is also one of those songs that make me want to dance every single time I hear them, so it could fit in any summer party. It’s uplifting, cheerful and fun – just like summer should be too.


When I think of summer it is definitely a vacation somewhere close to the beach with hot weather and turquoise water. Sakis is giving you just that. Tanned bodies, Greek scenery and good time (+ bad vocals in the actual performance, but this is not about that). This is such an ultimate summer song that I do not see any other scenario this would work at unless you are marrying your gay partner who is also a Eurovision fan and this one comes up at your wedding reception party. Ola everybody!

“Allez, Ola, Ole” is a fresh and catchy song that simply screams summer and fun. Plus it has this word ‘Ramba’, which is a local word for ‘seesaws’ in my town Hafnarfjörður. (In most other places in Iceland it’s called ‘vegasalt’ or in english ‘salt measure’). Which is exactly what this song makes you wanna do; go up and down dancing with friends.

Summer you say? Allez Ola Olé. There were plenty of choices, but there really is no song out there that manages to capture summer as well as this did in just three minutes time. A feel good anthem which should have done much better in Oslo. For this song, it’s a shame Eurovision is in May. Great French effort that could’ve been a European hit.

Family Four are singing about my perfect summer fantasy – enjoying life and nature on a rocky little island in the middle of the Swedish archipelago surrounded by the baltic sea.
My personal ”härlig sommardag” starts off very calmly – just like the song – with a beautiful sunrise. The birds slowly start breaking the silence of the night with their joyful chirps leading to the cheerful and light-hearted chorus.
The ABBA lookalikes dressed in yellow represent everything the carefree Swedish summer feeling is all about. Jumping into crystal blue water, lying in the warming sun, snacking blueberries – what else do you need for a perfect summer’s day?!

There’s been many Eurovision gems that I enjoy listening too in the scorching sunshine (a rare occasion in Britain but every once in a while at least!) but this is one that I like to have playing on a warm summer evening, sipping on a glass of white. OK so I might not be in Italy doing it but nonetheless, the song never fails in helping me unwind after a hot summers day.

For me, a summer song needs to make me wanna dance, and this does exactly that! There is no way I can listen to this song sitting still. My hips and shoulders start moving as soon as I hear the first sounds of that guitar, and they don‘t stop swaying until well after the last tone from the brass. And Ramon‘s voice brings the feeling of beaches and sun, and I *love* it!

Do you share your Ultimate Eurovision Summer song with any of us, or is it something ntirely different? Let us know in the comments, so that we can discover more songs to add to our summer playlists!!

Next Friday we will share our Ultimate Eurovision??? songs… (not telling yet…you’ll have to come check it out!)

I'm Norwegian, presently living in Iceland. My mom loves Eurovision, and always let me stay up to watch the contest since before I can remember, so I'm "second generation Eurovision lunatic". My musical god is David Bowie, so I'm obviously not into the stereotypical Eurovision songs. I prefer the rocky/bluesy/jazzy/ethnic songs over schlager and mainstream ballads, though I occasionally surprise myself (and others)... I HATE canned drums and "Cvet Z juga". Photo © Tobias König

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