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Meet the participants for the German national final, Unser Lied für Israel!

The German national final is set for February 2019. NDR used the same system, they used for their selection this year. Who will follow Michael Schulte and his amazing place from Lisbon? Now we know the first six names for the live show in February. The first six, because the NDR is still in talks with artists to possible add to the line-up. We’ll update the article if more names get announced!

Meet the participants for “Unser Lied Für Israel”


Aly Ryan

Aly had the longest way to the songwriting camp as she lives in Los Angeles for the past five years. The 21 year old singer became popular the most on the platform Soundcloud. She released some songs and works on an album. The last Eurovision Song Contest she saw was the 2010 edition, but she is looking forward to get back to it.

When it comes to clothes, Aly always wasn’t as mainstream as the others. She likes a lot of colors everywhere. Aly taught herself guitar and piano. Her songs are “a bit like a diary”. She writes about what she has experienced and wants to process – and just rather sings than says. She always wants to be honest: “The more you give and tell, the more honest you are, the better the songs are received by the listeners,” she thinks.

Visit Aly Ryan online:
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Listen to one of her previous songs below:

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