Eurovision organisers introduce new “Eurovision Avenue” for 2019

As we all now know, Tel Aviv will host next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. They already have big plans for the contest, with the venue being the newly renamed Expo Tel Aviv and the Rokach Bridge being redesigned for Eurovision. Now, the organisers have revealed yet another plan for next year – a new Eurovision Avenue to rival the Eurovision Village!

A 1.5km road with everything Eurovision

“Eurovision Avenue” is, for now, a temporary name for a 1.5km road with Eurovision parties, food and drinks for fans, press and delegations to mingle. This is all the details that have been released so far, we’ll have to wait and see how the avenue will eventually look! The organisers say that:

During rehearsals, around 1,500 people will be on site, including journalists and production teams. As there will be 9 shows, we expect to see thousands of people every day. We therefore intend to build an avenue and a posh piazza where press teams can conduct interviews and ceremonies with some mingling.

Expo Tel Aviv

The name also leaves us wondering: could this be the venue for the 2019 red carpet? Of course, we wouldn’t expect the entire road to be the red carpet (this would be around 5 times the length of the memorably huge red carpet in Kyiv), but using part of the avenue could be an interesting idea!

Are you expecting to be in Tel Aviv for Eurovision 2019? Do you think the Eurovision Avenue could eventually replace the Eurovision Village?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA!

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