San Marino Eurovision artist to be announced January 21st

The San Marino Eurovision artist will be announced on January 21st confirms San Marinese broadcaster RTV.

RTV will hold a press conference on January 21st to present their artist to represent San Marino in Tel Aviv. Earlier the broadcaster had announced an ‘international artist’ will be representing the country at Eurovision 2019.

The broadcaster also acknowledged the recent rumours circulating linking San Marino with Rodrigo Alves (‘Human Ken Doll’) and Russian singer Daryanna Kraieva. Daryanna has gone as far as announcing participation on her website and releasing a video for a song ‘Hi. Wi-Fi’ claiming to be a song for Eurovision. RTV would neither confirm or deny the rumours, so we will still have to wait for the January 21st announcement to find out.

San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

San Marino in 2018 created a unique national selection with 1 in 360. Gathering artists from around the world and engaging in songwriting workshops with the assistance of Zoe Straub, (Austria 2016). After securing their crowdfunding and becoming second favourites with the jury, it was Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening flying the flag for the microstate in Lisbon. Despite charming the fans with their anti-bullying message and dancing robots, Who We Are could only manage 17th place in the second semi final, thus failing to secure a place in the grand final.

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