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Presentation of ‘Pobeda’ postponed

As earlier reported, Tijana Dapčević, who was internally selected to represent FYR Macedonia in Copenhagen, was meant to present ‘Pobeda‘ in January. However, in an interview with Nova Makedonija she has revealed that the date has been pushed back to 22 February due to promotional reasons, mainly trying to avoid people becoming bored of the song.
When asked about details of the song, she stated that due to an agreement with the recording label she is not in a position where she can reveal much. She did say that there is a working version of the song already recorded, but that its still being edited and worked on. Tijana believes that the most important thing for her is to be able to feel the song. She doesn’t discard the possibility of using the cello on the Eurovision stage, and has promised something glamorous and memorable.
Questioned about the meaning of her Eurovision performance she replied that, while it is only three minutes of her life, it is not a small thing to sing for an audience of 200 million viewers. She said not to be aware of the magnitude of the event for her, but that it will probably be felt in the moment when she realizes that all of Europe is watching her.

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