Slovenian decision deadline extended until Jan 17

RTVSLO have just reported that they will make their final decision regarding participation in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest “no later than January 17th”, in yet another EBU approved deadline extension. This is contrary to the former deadline of today, January 7th which was previously granted by the EBU.

RTVSlo appears to be searching for financial support to assist in their Eurovision mission this year, citing that they are seeking sponsors, however just over a week ago RTVSlo published an article stating that they are intending to participate in Copenhagen.

Indeed it seems that Slovenia is trying its hardest to come up with the funds to provide an entry to Copenhagen with a decision being delayed until the last possible minute. Rumours also suggest that a singer may have already been selected with Slovenian singer April, who came second to Maja Keuc in 2011 posting on her facebook page that she has been asked to represent her nation in Copenhagen.

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