Copenhagen 2014Eurovision

Songs now available and voting open

LRT have this evening unveiled the 16 songs competing to represent Lithuania in Copenhagen. Whilst the viewers of the national final will select the artist, LRT are giving online users the say in which ofย  the following songs would be most suitable for the contest.
The 16 songs in the running are;
1. Attention
2. Blowing Out Cobwebs
3. Breakaway
4. Dying
5. Worlds Apart
6. In The Rain
7. Itโ€˜s All About A Boy
8. Itโ€˜s Not Too Late
9. You Found Me
10. One
11. Silent Tears
12. Take A Look At Me Now
13. Is This The Way (You Want Me)
14. Map
15. Last date
16. New Beginning
You can listen to them all in full as well as vote for your favourite through thisย  link
5 rounds of heats are currently taking place with semi finals scheduled for the end of the month and the final itself on 8th February.

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