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Semifinal allocation draw

Next Monday 20 January, each of the countries participating in the semifinals will know whether they will be on stage on the Tuesday or the Thursday. DR, the Danish broadcaster, has announced today that the event will take place at Copenhagen’s city hall.
As is now traditional, and in order to avoid having “friend countries” all allocated into one semifinal, there will be several pots splitting countries based on their voting patterns over the last ten years. This way, they are allocated equally to each of the semifinals.
During the draw, each country will also determine whether their performances will be during the first or second half of each show (with the running order ultimately being decided by DR with the approval of the EBU).
It is important to remember that Sweden and Norway have already been allocated to the first and second semifinals, respectively. This is due to the high interest that the contest might have in each of Denmark’s neighbouring and friendly countries. In addition, Israel has also been guaranteed a spot in the second semifinal, thus avoiding a clash of the show with a national holiday (which would have very likely prevented them from participating in the 2014 edition).
Finally, each of the Big 5 and Denmark will know the semifinal in which they will vote (although Italy has already requested semifinal 1 and Germany semifinal 2).
The article also points out, as previously reported, the special situation of Slovenia, who received an extension of the deadline to confirm participation.
The draw will be streamed live here.

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