Copenhagen 2014

Festival da Canção to take place on 8 and 15 March

According to information out of Portugal today, RTP will again select their Eurovision Song Contest entry through Festival da Canção – but it’ll be bigger than before!
Head of delegation José Poiares told Festivaistv that the show will celebrate 50years of Portugal entering Eurovision, and so will be held over two nights in March 2014 – but there could be up to a week between the two shows. The first night will be a semifinal, eliminating up to five songs from 10, with the entries left progressing to the final. RTP also plans to remove the regional juries, meaning that the result will be decided by Portuguese televoters entirely.
Portugal took a year out from Eurovision last year, however announced their return for the Copenhagen edition in the latter half of 2013. They have the un-envious record of 46 entries without a win to their name, and have only ever finished as high as 6th place.
Update – 17:30
RTP have now confirmed that the semifinal will take place on 8 March, with the final being held a week later on 15 March. The broadcaster is inviting 10 composers to submit entries, and will then ask the composers to select an artist with RTP.

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