Semi-Final Pots Announced

The pots which will be used in next week’s draw to determine which countries will perform in each Semi-Final have been revealed this afternoon.
The draw will take place at Copenhagen City Hall on Monday 20 January and you can read about the pre-allocated countries here. Thus far, Sweden has been drawn into Semi-Final #1 and Israel and Norway into Semi-Final #2.
There will be six pots of 27/28 countries, depending on whether Slovenia decide to participate.
Pot 1: Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, (Slovenia), Switzerland
Pot 2: Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania
Pot 3: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine
Pot 4: Armenia, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands
Pot 5: Austria, Hungary, Poland, San Marino
Pot 6: Malta, Moldova, Portugal, Romania
Two countries will be drawn into each Semi-Final from pots 5 and 6, whilst three countries from two of the first pots will be allocated into one Semi and the remaining two into the other.

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