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MuzikFabrik: “House music is all about feelings” [Interview]

MuzikFabrik are a Hungarian house band, who are on the Hungarian music scene for eight years already. They worked together with many different record labels in the past few years. They are entering A Dal for the first time, and their song is “This Is My Life”, which is a cooperation between MuzikFabrik and Ákos Hegyi, who tried his luck in the last edition of X Faktor in Hungary, but failed to make the live shows.

We had a nice chat with the guys, and asked them about their song, plans for their performance, as well as their own personal favourites in this national selection. You can read the interview with them right here:

escXtra: Hi guys, thank you for taking your time out for doing this interview. Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves for the start?
MuzikFabrik: Yeah. Actually we started the whole MuzikFabrik thing as DJ-s back in 2006. That’s when we realised that producing music gives us more happiness, so we’ve started to produce house tunes. Slowly our work became a big success, and starting from 2009 our tracks were released by the biggest labels in the house music scene. Muzikfabrik was created in 2006 with the collaboration of producers Andy Sole and c.Molle. The result is a studio, party promotions and booking agency that makes up the MuzikFabrik brand. Andy Sole and c.Molle have achieved a lot in their independent DJ careers. Both of them had residences at top nightclubs and reached exclusive DJ status at some of Hungary’s best EDM events. We can trace back the inspiration to their production of their musical roots. They were influenced by a wide range of musical genres from soul-funk to hip hop to New York’s underground house, which can be persistently heard in their production. However, our signature sound came to life when a young Hungarian producer from Romania by the name of Jetro joined the band. Jetro is now considered by some heavyweights as one of the shooting starts of house music. Our priority was always to produce quality house music, and with this goal in mind, the partnership has seen a rise in success in the past two years with releases on labels such as Housesession, Juicy, LIP, Nervous, Spinnin’, Sneakerz Music, Stereo, Toolroom, Urbana and Taylor Made. We represent a new generation of Hungarian house music alongside their compatriots: Belocca, Lauer & Canard, Muzzaik, Mike Newmann and Soneec. With their production being supported by the crème de la crème of the industry, things are getting exciting for our band. Last year we decided that we want to step live on stage, so we created a band, called MuzikFabrik Sound System, and the first result is this track.
X: How did you get in contact with Ákos?
MF: Andy met him at a karaoke party, and after he showed us his singing skills, we’ve decided to make a record. The track was ready within three days after the first impressions.
MuzikFabrikX: How did you decide to enter A Dal?
MF: It was just a silly idea a few months back, and when the deadline come closer, we thought: ok, we have to enter this year, to show our skills 🙂
X: Can you tell us a bit about “This Is My Life”?
MF: This song is an uplifting house song, nothing more. Many people ask us about the meaning of this track, but no one wants to accept, that we transfer feelings with this, nothing “deep tough” stuff. Just listen to the track, and enjoy, because house music is all about feelings.
X: Was this song originally written for this Contest?
MF: No, it was a remix for a Dutch star producer who declined it, as he wanted something more underground from us, so we had an unused original instrument, that we gave to Ákos, to finish. This is how it happened 🙂 After the huge success in the radio stations and the house scene we decided to enter the contest with it.
X: How are you preparing for A Dal?
MF: We meet twice every week in the studio, and prepare for the lives show on the live instruments, and also making new songs.
X: Can you tell us how your stage performance is going to look like?
MF: Yeah. We are going to have a drummer in the background, on the 2 sides a DJ and the keyboards, in the middle is the bass guitar, and in the first row is Ákos the lead singer and Helga the backing singer.
X: Did you hear the other competing songs this year, and have you got your personal favourite song?
MF: Actually we’ve listened just a few of them, but our favourites are New Level Empire who are good friends of ours, and Marge.
X: If you could sing a duet with any of the other 29 contestants this year, who would it be with, and why?
MF: Better to call it a collaboration, not a duet, as we are a band, and our pick is also a band, so it would be New Level Empire, who also produce electronic based music.
X: What would representing Hungary in Eurovision mean to you?
MF: Enjoy ourselves, jammin’, making a good show, some new contacts, and build our fanbase!!
X: Do you have a message for all your fans, and all the readers of escXtra?
MF: We just want to thank for the support in the last years, we hope that you’ll like our first live performances as a band in this TV show! And don’t forget, this year we release our very first album! 🙂
X: Thank you very much guys, and we wish you all the best in A Dal!
MF: Thanx!
You can follow MuzikFabrik on their official Facebook page, and you can listen to their entry “This Is My Life” right here:


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