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Melodifestivalen stage presented

SVT has presented a picture of the stage of Melodifestivalen 2014. Mr. Viktor Brattström is the designer of the stage, and he also designed the Eurovision stage last year, as well as Melodifestivalen stages in the past.

Mr. Brattström says that this is a ‘floating futuristic scene’, where variable decor, more lights and even more effects are to be expected than so far in this festival. Five LED screens will be flying between the stage and the light columns, which will help in making the stage and the image scenes more dynamic. Just like last year, the stage will be extended in the Final of Melodifestivalen, to match the big arena room.

Another change in the staging of Melodifestivalen this year is that the “green room” will be moved from the rear to the right edge of the stage.

This is how the Melodifestivalen stage will look this year:


Even though this image shows people standing in the audience, but this was only made for creativity, and not making it only a ‘silent sketch’. The actual sitting plan will be used as in all previous years.

Melodifestivalen starts in Malmö this year on the 1st of February, while the final is going to be five weeks later in Friends Arena in Stockholm, on the 8th of March.


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