NRK announces the 15 songs in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix

Today Norwegian broadcaster NRK announced the songs which will compete in their annual Melodi Grand Prix competition, which will decide which song will follow in the footsteps of Margaret Berger to represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.
The Melodi Grand Prix contest will be a lot smaller this year, with only 15 songs participating. The show will be divided into three semi finals, all held at the Oslo Folketeateret and which will all take place on one weekend, on the 7th, 8th and 9th March, with the final being held the following Saturday at Oslo Spektrum. The show will be hosted by Erik Solbakken, known to fans as one of the hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010 and Jenny Skavlan. The 15 competing songs were selected out of 600 entries submitted to NRK by an expert panel consisting of Tarjei Strøm, Marie Komissar, Vivi Stenberg, Kathrine Synnes Finnskog og Gisle G. Stokland.
The following artists and songs will participate in this year’s show:

First semifinal – 7th March

Hilda & Thea Leora – «Best Friend’s Boyfriend»
Music/lyrics: Martin Kleveland, Lisa Desmond Linder og Jesper Jakobsen
Mo – «Heal»
Music/lyrics: Laila Samuelsen
Dina Misund – «Needs»
Music: Dina Misund
Lyrics: Frode Bjørgmo Strømvik
Linnea Dale – «High Hopes»
Music/lyrics: Linnea Dale og Kim Bergseth
Timbre & Frikk Heide-Steen feat. Ida Stein – «Frozen by Your Love»
Music/lyrics: Anders Bratterud

Second semifinal – 8th March

Cir.Cuz – «Hele verden»
Music/lyrics: Cir.Cuz
Martine Marbel – «Right Now»
Music: Martine Marbel og Goran Obad
Lyrics: Martine Marbel
Oda & Wulff – «Sing»
Music/lyrics: Christer Wulff
Knut Kippersund Nesdal – «Taste of You»
Music: Magnus Hængsle og Jenny Moe
Lyrics: Jenny Moe
Charlie – «Hit Me Up»
Music/lyrics: Melanie Fontana, John Asher, Lars Hustoft

Third semifinal – 9th March

Moi – «Bensin»
Music/lyrics: Ingjerd Østrem Omland
El Cuero – «Ain’t no Love in This City no More»
Music: Brynjar Takle Ohr og B.L. Rolland
Lyrics: Brynjar Takle Ohr, Øyvind Blomstrøm og Håvard Takle Ohr
Ilebek – «Who Needs the Universe»
Music/lyrics: Andreas Ihlebæk
Elisabeth Carew – «Sole Survivor»
Music/lyrics: Elisabeth Carew, David Eriksen, Simon Climie, Mats Skåre Lie
Carl Espen – «Silent Storm»
Music/lyrics: Josefin Winther
You can hear clips of the songs here.


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