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Thomas Schreiber on 2014, Vote-rigging allegations, and 60 years

At this weekends OGAE Germany convention in Munich, NDR’s Eurovision Coordinator Thomas Schreiber spoke about a variety of topics from this years national final to the 2014 Song Contest in Copenhagen.
Here is a summary of the key points from the original article (which you can read here):
Eurovision Song Contest

  • a communication will be issued by the EBU in the coming weeks about the allegations of voting manipulation in 2013
  • however Mr. Schreiber did explain that even if there had been manipulation, these votes would not have had any influence on the result as they would have been identified and discounted
  • the stage in Copenhagen will be 17×17 meters, with the arena holding 7-8,000 standing places and 2-3,000 seats
  • the green room will be ‘open-plan’ again, just as in Baku
  • Emmellie de Forest will sing the 2014 official song
  • a country that is currently not participating, and is an associate member of the EBU, will be featured in the semifinal two interval act, with Schreiber saying that if this country wanted to join Eurovision he would strongly support their application.

60 year anniversary show

  • the reference group are looking into the idea of hosting a 60 year anniversary show next year
  • if it were to happen, Berlin is the front runner to host it.

German national selection

  • Schreiber would like to develop the format in a similar way to Melodifestivalen (introducing semifinals)
  • the success of this year’s show will dictate if that can happen
  • the measure of success are the TV audience, the result in Copenhagen, and the national final entries perform in the German charts
  • anyone who was formerly in a casting show will not be in the ‘lucky 16’ who make it to the pre-round next month.

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