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Composers for Festival da Canção announced

RTP has announced which composers will write songs for their national final, Festival da Canção. Among the names we see some familiar ones.
The list of composers:

  • Andrej Babić
  • Emanuel
  • Jan van Dijck
  • Nuno Feist
  • Marc Paelinck
  • Tózé Santos
  • Ricardo Afonso, Luis Fernando & Rui Fingers
  • João Santos & Vítor Antunes
  • Tiago Pais Dias
  • João Só

The most familiar names on the list are Andrej Babić, responsible for six Eurovision entries in the past, Jan van Dijck, who wrote the 1990 entry, Há sempre alguem for Portugal and Marc Paelinck, who, among other entries, was responsible for last year’s Belarussian entry, Solayoh.

Nick van Lith

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