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Heni Dér: “This song is about saying goodbye” [Interview]

Originally from Serbia, Heni Dér is a Hungarian singer with a long music career. She was the lead singer of the very popular band Sugarloaf for many years, and is now starting her solo career. She is entering A Dal for the first time, and her song is “Ég veled”.

We had a chat with Heni about her song, her expectations, as well as her favourites. Read our interview with Heni here:

escXtra: Hi Heni! Thank you for taking your time out for doing this interview with us. For the start, can you tell us how do you feel being chosen in the top 30 in A Dal?

Heni: It’s an honour, and certainly I’m really glad and happy! I have been always a great fan of the Eurovision Contest, since I was grown up in Serbia, where it was very popular and everybody followed it and kept their fingers crossed for the Serbian singer in every year. It is really fantastic that this time I have the chance to stand there as a hungarian singer, but of course only if I will be the winner in Hungary. I will do my best to make it happen.

heni1X: How did you decide to enter this contest?

H: I think one of the reasons was what I was saying about my childhood memories and the other reason was that I think this song is really great, and a very important part of my solo career, that I’ve just started after spending 9 years in a group called Sugarloaf. My fans are very supportive and enthusiastic but with this contest I can show myself and I can show who really I am for a wider range of audience.

X: Can you tell us a bit about “Eg veled”, what’s your song about?

H: “Ég veled!” with its English title “Next Please!” is about saying goodbye. Contrary to songs with similar topics, it’s a very happy, positive and optimistic song. It’s not about splitting up with someone and crying, breaking down and dying. It’s about starting a new life, opening new dimensions and having more chances by not wasting time for unworthy things and relationships.

X: How did you start co-operating with Krisztian Burai, the composer of your song?

H: Krisztián Burai was suggested by Viktor Kiraly. Since I haven’t worked with composers in this style, I did it on my own. Krisztian’s suggestion although appeared to be perfect. We have written several song together since then.

X: How are you preparing for A Dal?

H: I had to arrange the dancers, and we had to work out the choreography with the choreographer, and certainly we have to cooperate with the people working on the show so that the smallest details are being fixed, and of course I have to rehearse the song as much I as I can.


X: Can you tell us how your stage performance is going to look like?

H: There are only six persons are allowed to be on the stage. It means that I will have three vocalists at the back and two dancers at the front with me. The style, the layout, the visual effects will reflect the sensitive, sexy and feminine impact of the song.

X: Did you hear the other competing songs this year, and have you got your personal favourite song?

H: I’ve heard most of them and I think they are really great, too. It will be a really difficult and strict contest!

X: If you could sing a duet with any of the other 29 contestants this year, who would it be with, and why?

H: I haven’ been thinking about it yet, but if I really should choose, I would vote for the Kiraly brothers because of their talent and similar stlye of music. Besides I ought to be thankful for them for finding my composer!

X: And finally, do you have a message for all your fans, and all the readers of escXtra?

H: I wish all of my fans to be brave enough to dream and live for their dreams, since this is the only way how living makes any sence. And vote for me!

You can listen to Heni’s entry in A Dal right here:

You can follow Heni on her official Facebook page here.


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