Copenhagen 2014

Billetungen advise of seating changes

The ticket supplier for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Billetungen, has written to some ticket holders this morning to advise them that they will be issued with new seats for the 2014 live shows.
The change is mainly due to the greenroom being located inside the area (as in Baku). The email reads:

The ongoing work with building the venue at B&W Halls means that we are adjusting the seating structure, which entails new seating numbers. This means that we will replace the physical tickets that have already been purchased. We guarantee that tickets that have already been purchased are in the same category and area as the tickets you have previously purchased. In other words, we ensure that the tickets you will receive are at a level equal to the tickets you have previously purchased. You don’t have to do anything: the new tickets will be posted at the end of February. When you have received the new tickets with new design, your old tickets will no longer be valid. As such, you will only be able to use the new tickets and you can destroy the old tickets.
Any ticket holders with questions are welcome to contact Billetungen on [email protected]

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