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Song Selection on 6th March

IBA have today announced that a song selection show will take place on Thursday 6th March, to select one of three possible songs performed by internally selected artist Mei Finegold.
In a statement on IBA’s official Eurovision website, it was announced that the committee met today to shortlist three songs out of a possible 87 submissions. The procedure involved each member giving a score from 1 to 10 for each song, with the ten most popular choices being played once more and then scored in the traditional Eurovision methods, with the best song receiving 12 points and least favourite gaining only 1 point.
It was also revealed that following IBA’s rules, Mei Finegold has written and composed one of the three songs herself.
The three songs that will take part in the song selection are;
1. Same Heart
Words: Remi Student
Composer: Jeremy Student
2. Stay With Me
Words: Liran de Paz
Music: Liran de Paz, Grace Metzger Maple
3. Be Proud
Words: May Feingold
Music: May Feingold
Each of the songs will have a video clip to accompany them which will be shown at a press conference expected in late February before the selection itself on 6th March.
Israel have been drawn to perform in the first half of the 2nd Semi Final.

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