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Yohio: “Melodifestivalen is like a big circus” [Interview]

Even though he won the televoting in last year’s edition of Melodifestivalen with almost 100,000 televotes ahead of Robin Stjernberg, Yohio finished as the runner up in the contest. He is back this year, all set to try and win the Swedish ticket to the Eurovision stage in Copenhagen. He is entering Melodifestivalen with “To The End”, written byย Andreas Johnson, Peter Kvint, Johan Lyander, and Yohio himself.

We had a chat with Yohio about his participation in Melodifestivalen, his expectations from this contest, and more, all of which you can read in the interview below:

escXtra: Hi Yohio! First of all, how do you feel taking part in Melodifestivalen for the second year in a row?
Yohio: It feels good. The big plus is the experience from last year, now I know how everything works.

Photo: Scanpix
X: How was your experience last year?
Y: Melodifestivalen is like a big circus where a lot of things are happening at the same time. As a newcomer last year it was a bit hard to get used to at first, I guess. But it was a really fun and rewarding experience that I’ll never forget.
X: What good things happened after your participation in MF last year?
Y: I got great recognition in Sweden which I didn’t have before. So 2013 was filled with very good things, a lot of shows and signing sessions, etc. I think I also participated in almost every great Swedish TV-show during last year, which is really cool for someone in my genre.
X: Can you tell us a bit about your song?
Y: It’s a very “big” song with a lot of power.
X: How did you get in touch with the rest of the composing team of your song?
Y: They are actually old good friends of the CEO of my record label.
X: How are you preparing yourself for the semi final night?
Y: Making sure everything is like it should be. I can’t forget to bring a single item of my costume, for example.
yohio (1)
Photo: Magnus Liam Karlsson/SVT
X: Can you tell us how your stage performance is going to look like?
Y: It will be very “YOHIO”-ish. I can’t say more.
X: You won the televoting last year with almost 100,000 votes difference to Robin. Will you do anything differently to convince the juries as well this time?
Y: I won’t do anything different. If they don’t like it, they don’t like it. But if they do… Well, good for me then.
X: What would representing Sweden in Eurovision mean to you personally?
Y: I would see it as a big step for the acceptance of individuality.
X: Do you have a message for all your fans, supporters, and all the readers of escXtra?
Y: No matter how it goes in this competition, I’m sure I will meet you all someday anyhow. So, see you!
Yohio will take part in the first semi final of Melodifestivalen, which will take place this Saturday. While we are waiting for his new song to be performed, why not listen to his last year’s entry “Heartbreak Hotel”:


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