3 For All: “All the human beings are linked.” [Interview]

They met on The Voice of Switzerland and now they joined forces as 3 For All: Iris Moné, Gisel de Marco and Ricardo Sanz. They’ll try to win the ticket to Copenhagen with their Together Forever. spoke to them a few days before Die Große Entscheidungsshow. Read what they had to say below! Hey 3 For All! First of all, thank you for taking the time to speak to us! How do you feel, so shortly before Die Große Entscheidungsshow?
3 For All: We feel very exited about Saturday. The rehearsals went fine and we are ready. It’ll be a great show!
X: Could you introduce yourself?
3FA: – Sure! 🙂 my name is Gisel de Marco, I come from Argentina and I’m living in Zug, Switzerland. I’m a singer, songwriter and lawyer who loves life, family, friends and music.
– My name is Iris Moné. I’m a soul singer with a 20-years career, I sang in NYC, Chicago, Washington DC, all around Switzerland, in little and big stages. I was finalist by TheVoice of Switzerland in march 2013 and reached the third place.
– I am Ricardo Sanz, got spanish roots, but been born and raised in Lucerne/Switzerland. Working as selfemployed singer and producer.
X: You met on The Voice of Switzerland. Why did you decide to form a group and apply for Eurovision after that adventure?
3FA: Because we have a great chemistry and we spent a fantastic time during the show so Together Forever was the perfect opportunity to combine our love for music, and the fight for our dream. One of our backing vocalists, Gabriela Grossenbacher, was also on the Voice of Switzerland, on team Stephanie. She was one of my closest friends during the contest so I’m very happy she is part of our project too. And it’s a great challenge to probably be in front of over 170 Mio Peoples at the ESC.
X: Will 3 For All continue even if you don’t win Die Große Entscheidungsshow?
3FA: We will reveal that after the Swiss-Final.
X: Your song, Together Forever, has a theme that we’ve seen in Eurovision before, but what makes the message in your song special?
3FA: All the human beings are linked, together we can reach more than alone. If we help each other and have the same goal we can do a lot positive things. We want to bring people to dance and sing with us, having a good time!
X: Can you give us a little hint on what we’re going to see in your stage performance?
3FA: Oh that will be a big show! We worked hard to bring the best of us, we had a great team working with us, so we look forward to enjoy our moments and involve the audience in the hall and at home.
X: Are you Eurovision fans?
3FA: We would say, yes. Iris and Ricardo saw it since they were little together with their families, Gisel since she’s been here in Switzerland.
X: Do you have a favourite Eurovision entry?
3FA: From this years choice, we can’t say anything, because we haven’t seen them until now. But from the past, we would say, that ABBA and Céline Dion are one of our favourites.
X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of
3FA: Hello EscXtra readers!!  We really hope you like our song and that you support us in this great mission: Mission Eurovision! Thank you for sharing this dream with us! would like to thank 3 For All’s Iris, Gisel and Ricardo for answering our questions and we would like to wish them the best of luck in tomorrow’s Swiss final! You can watch their entry, Together Forever, below!

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