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Lilla Polyák: “It’s great fun to be in a competition like this” [Interview]

Lilla Polyák is back to A Dal, after taking part last year with “Valami más”. She is back with something slightly different this year, and will give her best to win the Hungarian ticket to the Eurovision stage in Copenhagen.

We had a chat with Lilla about her song “Karcolás”, about her experience from last year, as well as her personal favourites in A Dal this year, and a lot more. You can read all of that in the interview below:

escXtra: Hi Lilla, thank you for taking your time out for doing this interview. First of all, how do you feel being in the top 30 in A Dal for the second year?

Lilla: It’s a great feeling to be in the top 30 in A Dal once again this year. I feel that I’m already a winner just because I’m in.

X: How did you decide to enter this contest again?

L: It was different from last year. Last year we tried to make a “Eurovision song”. This year we didn’t write the song especially for the song contest, it was already done, so it “just happened” that I’m here again.

Sárosi Zoltán
Sárosi Zoltán

X: Your song was released mid-September, before the rules of A Dal 2014 were even released. Did you plan to enter this song for the Contest already then?

L: I didn’t. When my management found out that we can enter the song, I was still hesitating, but finally just decided to do it.

X: How was your experience in A Dal last year?

L: Exciting and interesting. First of all, it’s great fun to be in a competition like this, but I had to face that sometimes the jury or the audience are thinking something totally different than me about the songs.

X: Can you tell us a bit about “Karcolás”?

L: “Karcolás” is kind of a love song, but not a happy one. It’s about a relationship which didn’t go right… And when that’s the case, it always hurts, and makes one more cut on you, but finally you realise that life goes on so you have to get off and survive…

X: How did you start co-operating with Viktor Rakonczai and Gergő Rácz?

L: We have an old friendship with these two guys, and it’s not the first song they wrote for me. The first one, “Itt és most”, was a huge hit in Hungary

X: How are you preparing for A Dal?

L: Lot of vocal rehearsals, fitting on, staging…

Herman Péter
Herman Péter

X: Can you tell us how your stage performance is going to look like?

L: I don’t know exactly how the projectors in the back are going to look like, but there will be no dancers on stage, it will only be the four vocalists and me…

X: Did you hear the other competing songs this year, and have you got your personal favourite song?

L: The field is pretty strong, I really like many of them. One of my favourites is the Fool Moon’s song.

X: If you could sing a duet with any of the other 29 contestants this year, who would it be with, and why?

L: Fool Moon is a vocal group, five boys on stage, no instrumentals just their voices… I’d love to sing something together with them.

X: Do you have a message for all your fans, and all the readers of escXtra?

L: Watch the show, enjoy the songs! I hope you’ll like mine 🙂

X: Thank you very much Lilla, and we wish you all the best in A Dal!

Why don’t you check out the official video of Lilla’s song “Karcolás” here:

You can follow Lilla on her official Facebook page here.


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