Fool Moon: “We want to show the strengths of acappella music” [Interview]

Fool Moon are Tamás Mészáros, Gábor Molnár, Miklós Németh, Gergő Rácz, and Barnabás Wodala. These guys are no strangers to the Eurovision world, as Gergő already represented Hungary back in 1997 as a member of VIP, co-composed the 2011 entry for Hungary, Kati Wolf’s “What About My Dreams”, and together with Miklós and Gábor they were the backing vocalists for Csézy back in 2008.

Fool Moon are an acappella band, and they are bringing something different in A Dal. We met up with these guys in Budapest, and spoke to them about their song “It Can’t Be Over”, their band, as well as their previous experiences in Eurovision. Check out all of that and more in the following interview:

Listen to their entry in A Dal here:

You can follow Fool Moon on their official Facebook page. Fool Moon will be taking part in the third heat of A Dal, which will take place next Saturday, the 8th of February.

*Parts of the video clip with the interview are used under the licence of MTVA and


Our collaborative articles are here! Of course, it's worth saying that our favourite entry is 🇧🇬 Sofi Marinova - Love Unlimited (2012).

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