Yasmina Hunzinger: “The Eurovision Song Contest is a big little girl’s dream for me” [Interview]

The Swiss national final will take place in a few hours. was lucky enough to speak to Yasmina Hunzinger, who will try to win the ticket tonight with her song I Still Believe. Read what she had to say below!
escXtra: Hey Yasmina! First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us! How are you, so shortly before the big final?
Yasmina Hunzinger: I’m very excited for Saturday of course and I hope the Swiss people like me and will vote for me. Of course I’m also a little tense and positively excited already 🙂
X: Could you introduce yourself?
Y: I’m 36 years old and grew up in Basel. Since about 12 years, I live in Cologne (Germany), where I moved, because there was more work as a singer and vocal coach there for me.
In 2008, I won the Cesme International Song Contest for Germany, which was a great experience and in 2012, I participated in the first series of The Voice of Germany. This show was a great experience for me as well, where I could a lot. So far, I have released three solo-albums and I’m currently working on my new album.
X: Why did you apply for the Eurovision Song Contest?
Y: The Eurovision Song Contest is a big little girl’s dream for me since Céline Dion won for Switzerland back in the day. I’ve always wanted to participate in the biggest music competition of the world and I would see it as a great personal honour if Switzerland would choose me to do it.
X: In Germany, you participated in The Voice Germany. Would you ever apply for the German national final?
Y: I could definitely have applied in Germany and I would have had the privilege to be there in the final without a semifinal, like we had in Switzerland. For me, it was however always clear that I’d prefer to do it for Switzerland, because that is the country where my roots lie.
X: What’s the theme of your song, I Still Believe?
Y: I believe you can’t reach as much on your own, as you can when you handle things together. The song roughly is about the fact that you can be strong together and that you can proverbially move mountains.
X: What can we expect from your performance on Saturday?
Y: In the past, I’ve always benefited from not trying to do anything I’m not. I will therefore just be me and hope the Swiss will like that Yasmina.
X: Are you a Eurovision fan? Do you have a favourite Eurovision song?
Y: I have favourite artists, because obviously they need a good song, but in my eyes you also need a good artists to make the song shine! With that, I can mention artists like Johnny Logan, Céline Dion and surely Loreen as well in one go. Last year, I really liked Anouk.
X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of
Y: Hey dear readers.. 😉 I hope you like my song and the Swiss people among you will vote for me a lot 😉 With love, Yasmina. would like to thank Yasmina Hunzinger for talking to us. We would also like to wish her the best of luck in tonight’s Swiss final with her song I Still Believe, which you can see below!

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