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EBU confirms one jury vote discounted in 2013

The European Broadcasting Union has confirmed this afternoon a detail that we reported in May 2013 – that the jury votes of one country in semifinal two (Eurovision 2013) were discounted.
In an editorial in May (click here to read), our editor Ervin Juhasz discovered the anomaly whilst looking at the numbers presented as part of the split vote. Today, an EBU spokesman told ESC Insight:

Indeed, one jury vote was cancelled out because of an error in the results. Standard procedure is to switch to full televoting in that case. We are not going into further details such as which country, and the rather technical details behind the reason, which is in line with the decision to not reveal the detailed split results in 2013. However, we prefer openness, and if we do that, we’ll do it in a thorough way, as it was decided for 2014.

Given the tight jury procedure for 2014, which was previously announced by the EBU and will see all votes made public online, the openness for 2014 is already there.

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