Copenhagen 2014

Six more qualifiers for the semifinals

In the last of three heats, Hungary has chosen six acts for the semifinals to complete the line-up. The jury winner tonight was Dénes Pál.

The three jury qualifiers tonight were:

  1. Dénes Pál – Brave New World  – 38 points
  2. New Level Empire – The Last One – 36 points
  3. Fool Moon – It Can’t Be Over  – 35 points

The televoting then selected three more entries for the semifinals:

  • HoneyBeast – A Legnagyobb Hős
  • Mystery Gang – Játssz Még Jazzgitár
  • Gigi Radics – Catch Me

Next week, the semifinals will take place. On Saturday and Sunday, Hungary will have two shows with nine songs each of which a total of eight songs will make the final.

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