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Acts rumoured for national final

The Portuguese broadcaster RTP will reveal the ten artists and song titles on Tuesday, but several names have been heavily rumoured in the past few weeks. Below you can find a list of rumoured names for the Portuguese national final, Festival da Canção.
Portugal has opted to have a similar format as in 2012. The broadcaster has invited composers to write a song and find an artist for the national final. Some well known composers have been invited, but RTP also chose to invite some less well known names.  Nine composers seem to have rumoured acts surrounding them. The list can be found below:

  • Catarina Pereira
    Being a fan favourite back in 2010, when she sang Canta por mim in the national final, her composers Andrej Babić and Carlos Coelho would now ask her to return to the national final. Coelho has confirmed that a female will sing the song.
  • Helder Godinho
    Helder Godinho is a singer-songwriter who normally does gigs in bars and clubs. He composed his own song, after being asked to replace Tiago Pais Dias, who withdrew from the competition. It will most likely be pop rock.
  • Ivo Lucas
    João Só will probably have teamed up with Ivo Lucas, a 24 year old singer and actor. He is currently acting in a TV-series on RTP1.
  • Madalena Trabuco
    Born in France to Portuguese parents, Madalena normally sings in French and released her first album in 2008. She’d now start her career in Portugal after being invited by Tozé Santos. Her song would be called Coração de Filigrana.
  • No Stress
    Eurovision experienced Jan van Dijck, who composed the 1990 Portuguese entry, has apparently chosen No Stress, a Portuguese boy band to sing his song.
  • Raquel Guerra
    Raquel would have been invited by composer Nuno Feist. She was the runner-up in the Portuguese ‘Pop-Idol’ back in 2005 and would probably sing a ballad in the national final.
  • Ricardo Afonso
    Ricardo was one of the invited composers, composing a song together with Luis Fernando and Rui Fingers. He’d be singing his own song. He’s most well known for participating in The Voice UK in 2012. His song would probably be a rock song, called Emoção.
  • Rui Andrade
    According to the rumours, Rui Andrade has been asked by Eurovision veteran Marc Paelinck to sing his song. Rui previously tried to represent Portugal in 2011 and 2012, finishing third on both occasions.
  • Suzy
    Susana Guerra, which is Suzy’s real name, already scored hits in the 90s in Portugal. She now lives in Dubai, but would apparently be looking at a comeback in the Portuguese music scene. Emanuel would be the composer behind her song, which means she would get a dance song.

It has to be noted that all of these are rumours. Some stronger than others, but there are strong suggestions for all of these. As mentioned before, the official complete list will be out on Tuesday, at 17:00 CET. The only composer team who has not been mentioned a lot is João Matos and Vítor Antunes.

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