Four more singers in the semifinals

Four more singers have qualified for the semifinals of Eurosong 2014. That means we’ve now seen all thirty acts.
All fifteen performing acts of tonight had to perform a Eurovision cover. Four acts would qualify for the semifinals directly, the next four would make it through to a second chance round, called the ‘Callback’. The ranking of the artists can be found below, together with the song they sang tonight.

  1. Petra – All Kinds Of Everything (Ireland 1970): 92
  2. Yass –  L’Oiseau et L’Enfant (France 1977): 89
  3. Tisha Cyrus – Düm Tek Tek (Turkey 2009): 86
  4. Axeela – Believe (Russia 2008): 85
  5. Day One – Satellite (Germany 2010): 85
  6. Sil – Where Are You? (United Kingdom 1998): 84
  7. Bandits – Geef Het Op (Belgium 1991): 83
  8. Mister Jones – Standing Still (Germany 2012): 80
  9. Bastien – Fly On The Wings Of Love (Denmark 2000): 79
  10. Andrei Lugovski – In A Moment Like This (Denmark 2010): 75
  11. Maureen – Ding-A-Dong (The Netherlands 1975): 74
  12. Dina Rodrigues – Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi (Switzerland 1988): 71
  13. Soulbrothers – Puppet On A String (United Kingdom 1967): 68
  14. Aelia – Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son (Luxembourg 1965): 68
  15. Manuel Palomo – Eres Tu (Spain 1973): 63

That means Petra, Yass, Tisha Cyrus and Axeela have qualified for the semifinals. They can now start looking for their perfect Eurovision entry. Day One, Sil, Bandits and Mister Jones will have to prove themselves oncemore in next week’s callback.
Former Eurovision entrants Aelia, who were part of 2003 entrants Urban Trad, failed to impress the jury and were eliminated tonight. Day One was the most discussed act this week, as they did not reveal their identities. Rumour has it Kate Ryan, who represented Belgium in 2006, was behind the mask of the vocalist.

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