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Fourteen semifinalists for Böyük Səhnə announced

Azerbaijan will selects its entrant for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest via Böyük Səhnə. The fourteen semifinalists for the show have now been announced.
The fourteen semifinalists have all made it through preliminary rounds in the past weeks. Tonight, next week and the week after, the semifinals will take place. The list of artists can be found below:

  • Fuad Asadov
  • Safa Eldar
  • Band Wave
  • Dilara Kazimova
  • Khana Hasanova
  • Valeria Huseynzadeh (Rilaya)
  • Elton Ibrahimov
  • Samira Efendiyeva
  • Aydin Eyvazzade
  • Ayshebeyim Nagieva
  • Lala Sultan
  • Erkin Osmanli
  • Hülya Ibadova
  • Azad Shabanov

The Azerbaijani semifinals will take place tonight, 16 and 23 February at 19:00 CET. The shows will be hosted by Husniye Magerramova and Tural Assadov.

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