Katrīna Bindere: “The song is about falling in love and enjoying the moment” [Interview]

For the second year Latvia is using the new style Dziesma national final to select its entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. With the semi-finals behind us and the finals looming on the horizon, we took the chance to catch up with some of the singers taking part and today we speak to Katrīna Bindere.
escXtra: Hello Katrīna, thanks for taking some to speak to us once again! Firstly we’d like to congratulate you on your qualification final of Dziesma 2014!
Katrīna Bindere: Thanks so much!
X: Firstly, can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your career so far?            
K: I’m Katrīna Bindere and I am an 18 year old new singer from Latvia. Ever since my birth I have been living in Ventspils, a beautiful town by the coast on the Baltic sea. I am still living and studying here. I first fell in love with music at the age of 3, which is when I first started to sing. I started to play piano when I was 7 and now it is the musical instrument which helps me to compose my songs. As long as I can remember myself, music has always been there for and with me. To widen my experience and earn new knowledge, I also participate in numerous national and international contests and attend singing lessons by professional teachers.
X: Backtracking a little, Where were you and how did you feel when you found out that you were one of the singers who had made it to the Semi-Finals of Dziesma?
K: At first I could not believe it and it felt kind of surreal, but soon after I was very happy and excited, of course.
Katrina1X: How did you come to work together with the creative team behind your entry ‘Moment and Tomorrow’?
K: When Edgars Beļickis, Kārlis Auziņš and Mikus Frišfelds (the creative team behind the song) had composed the song, they still had not found the performer they wanted for it. They had heard about me and decided to watch some of the videos I have on my youtube account and soon after they got in touch with me and asked me whether I would like to sing their song in Dziesma. I listened to the song, we met, talked over some things that could be moderated in the song and I was delighted to accept the offer, because I really liked the song. I am so grateful and happy about the result of our cooperation.
X: Could you tell us a little about the message of the song?
K: The song is about a moment when your feelings for someone you care about grow stronger and you feel elated, but you feel afraid from these feelings, you feel afraid to speak them out loud. The song is about falling in love and the moment, which you have to enjoy, because it is the moment which belongs to you and the other person only.
X: Your entry is in English, in a year of Dziesma with the theme ‘Made In Latvia’. What was behind the decision to sing in English and would you consider recording a Latvian version of your entry?
K: The saying “Made in Latvia” means that the song has been created in Latvia by Latvians. I would feel very happy to sing it in Latvian, however in Dziesma I chose to sing in English, because it is important for me that people behind the borders of Latvia can also understand the song and relate to it.
X: For many of the participants in Dziesma, Eurovision is not always the overall goal in participation. For you, what does it mean to take part in Dziesma?
K: This year it is not my main goal either. To me this is a chance to prove and show myself to a wider audition. I am very lucky and happy about getting to Dziesma 2014 final. However, if not this year then sometime in future it definitely is one of my goals to make it to the Eurovision and to represent my country there.
Katrina2X: What are your feelings on the fact that if you win you will be representing your nation at Eurovision in Copenhagen in May?
K: It is very difficult to describe feelings of that kind, the possibility certainly is very exciting. Of course that would be a great honour.
X: Are you a Eurovision fan, and if so do you have any favourite Eurovision songs? Perhaps a favourite Latvian entry?
K: I do like Eurovision a lot and yes I follow it each year. My all time favourite definitely is Loreen, the winner of the year 2012 Eurovision. She was absolutely fantastic. I also fancy Latvian band “Brainstorm”, which represented Latvia in year 2000 and won the third place. I think of them as of one of the best Latvian bands.
X: Now some questions to get to know a little better, how did you spend your Christmas and New Year?
K: I spent Christmas quietly and merry at home with my family. Christmas is one of my favourite holidays. New Year was the complete opposite to Christmas. I spent it with my friends which was very fun. We were singing, dancing and laughing all night long. I must say that this year started very, very good.
X: Where is your favourite place in Latvia and/or where would you recommend someone visiting Latvia go see?
K: My favourite place in Latvia is my birthplace – Ventspils. Ventspils definitely is the neatest and most active town in Latvia. It is as beautiful in winter as in summer. In summer I usually go to the beach, but in winter I can go skiing. In Ventspils there are a lot of activities to do.
X: What is your favourite food to cook?
K: I enjoy making Greek salad. It is not a Latvian dish at all, I must say, but it is delicious and easy to make.
X: If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would you choose?
K: I already have a cat and a dog. I love them both a lot, but I would not mind to have a little rabbit as well someday.
X: What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
K: Well, it is difficult to remember something very embarrassing since nothing that embarrassing has ever happened to me.
X: Finally, do you have a message for our readers?
K: Love, dear readers! Love yourself, your family, your job and your nation. Love and do not be afraid to open up about your feelings and dreams. Enjoy every moment!
Katrīna, along with 11 other acts take part in the final of Dziesma 2014 on February 22nd. See her semi-final performance of ‘Moment and Tomorrow’ below! On behalf of all the team at escXtra I would like to thank Katrīna for speaking with us once again and wish her all the best with whatever may be next!

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