Samanta Tīna: “Every year it is a great experience!” [Interview]

For the second year Latvia is using the new style Dziesma national final to select its entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. With the semi-finals behind us and the finals looming on the horizon, we took the chance to catch up with some of the singers taking part and today we speak to the familar face of third (and fourth) time performer Samanta Tīna.
escXtra: Hello Samanta, thanks for taking some to speak to us once again! Firstly we’d like to congratulate you on your qualification final of Dziesma 2014!
Samanta Tīna: Thanks a lot! 🙂
X: Backtracking a little, Where were you and how did you feel when you found out that you were one of the singers who had made it to the Semi-Finals of Dziesma?
S: I was at the studio for rehearsal, when the composer of the song called me, and outlined the news! Of course I was happy about news like that! 🙂
X: How did you come to work together with the creative team behind your entry ‘Stay’?
S: I have a great team and co-ordinators! Lots of people are helping me and this is the way that we made our team! 🙂 I seems funny but its true! It means a lot of me to find the correct people for my team and luckily I have them! 🙂
X: Could you tell us a little about the message of the song?
S: Soul+ Mind+spirit= Harmony! So humans can truly love when those 3 things think in one direction!
X: Your entry is in English, in a year of Dziesma with the theme ‘Made In Latvia’. What was behind the decision to sing in English and would you consider recording a Latvian version of your entry?
S: “Made in Latvia” was a thought about the composers! But this year everything is in kind of Latvian style. But, no for Eurovision song contest I think it’s more friendly for the English version. But it  is not a bad idea to made a Latvian version of “Stay” for Latvian market 🙂

X: This is your third year and fourth participation in ‘Dziesma’, and each time you have participated with a different style of song. Aside from ‘Stay’, which of your previous three songs is your favourite?
S:  Definitely- I need a hero!:) Don’t look at “I Want you back”, “For Father” was my lyrics!
X: For many of the participants in Dziesma, Eurovision is not always the overall goal in participation. For you, what does it mean to take part in Dziesma?
S: Every year it is a great experience, and for an artist it means a lot! So for me, it’s either! 🙂
X: What are your feelings on the fact that if you win you will be representing your nation at Eurovision in Copenhagen in May?
S: I would love to do it, and it would be a big honor and would make me proud, like always in international competitions or festivals!
X: Are you a Eurovision fan, and if so do you have any favourite Eurovision songs? Perhaps a favourite Latvian entry?
S: Yes I am! I loved our Marie N – I Wanna and my friend Sasha Song’s entry from Lithuania – Love, and lot of more!
X: Now some questions to get to know a little better, how did you spend your Christmas and New Year?
S: Oh, so sweet, to remember this time! 🙂 At Christmas I was blessed and had a chance to be with my family, ’cause usually I must to perform at this time! But in New Year- I was performing again! 🙂
X: Where is your favourite place in Latvia and/or where would you recommend someone visiting Latvia go see?
S: Of Course I love my birth place- Tukums, which is about 60km from Riga! But all our nature is rich and beautiful with forests, lakes, woods and definitely our Baltic sea!!
X: What is your favourite food to cook?
S: I love cooking everything! But my favourite is French style Pasta! 🙂
X: If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would you choose?
S: Dog- ‘Cause I already have one- Called Skarabey! 🙂
X: What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
S: I was singing in an event attended by the president of Latvia! My performance was accompanied live by piano. And in a moment something happened and the piano stopped sound in monitors at all….I was really shamed…and pianist too! 😀
X: Finally, do you have a message for our readers?
S: Believe in your self, cause you are unique, and there is no one else like you! I believe in you!
Samanta, along with 11 other acts take part in the final of Dziesma 2014 on February 22nd. See her semi-final performance of ‘Stay’ below! On behalf of all the team at escXtra I would like to thank Samanta for speaking with us once again and wish her all the best with whatever may be next!

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