Running Order Determined

Just one day after announcing the twelve finalists of this year’s Selecția Națională, the running order for next week’s show has been drawn and is as follows:
1. Paula Seling & Ovi – Miracle
2. Bere Gratis – Despre Mine Si Ea
3. The dAdA – Unpredictable
4. The Zuralia Orchestra – You Know
5. Vizi Imre – Kind of Girl
6. Anca Florescu – Hearts Collide
7. Silvia Dumitrescu – Fiorul Iubirii
8. Renee Santana feat. Mike Diamondz – Letting Go
9. Ştefan Stan feat Teddy K – Breathe
10. Naomy – Daca Tu Iubesti
11. Vaida – One More Time
12. Şăl – Hardjock
The show will take place on Saturday 1 March in Brasov, marking the first time it will not be in Bucharest. The winner will be determined by a combination of jury and public vote.

Micheál Linden

Eurovision has entrenched itself in my life for as long as I can remember. I tweet a lot about Emma Muscat, Portugal and the fact that I'm from the country with the most ESC wins (ole, ole, ole). I have a tendency to get locked in a bathroom against my will.

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