Eesti Laul Final running order announced

Moments ago on Ringvaade, the same ERR current affairs program in which the Eesti Laul participants are announced each year, the ten acts who have qualified from the two semi finals drew the positions they will sing in the final. The order was determined by the hosts randomly pulling cards with the performance number on it. The running order is as follows:

  1. Brigita Murutar – Laule täis taevakaar
  2. Traffic – Für Elise
  3. Norman Salumäe – Search
  4. Wilhelm – Resignal
  5. Lenna – Supernoova
  6. Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band – Maybe Maybe
  7. Maiken – Siin või sealpool maad
  8. Kõrsikud – Tule ja jää
  9. Tanja – Amazing
  10. Sandra Nurmsalu – Kui tuuled pöörduvad

Unlike in Eurovision where we see songs performed towards the end favoured, there is yet to be a major trend in terms of “lucky numbers” in the last five contests. Both 4th position (2009, 2011) and 10th/last position (2010, 2012) have yielded one win each. Last year, Birgit Õigemeel won from the 7th slot. Eesti Laul’s final will take place at 20:15 this saturday at the Nokia Concerthall in Tallinn.

Liam Clark

I am a founding editor of escXtra who now works as a member of the Estonian Delegation's Press Team. Even though my Xtra days are behind me, I still like writing the odd piece here and there. P.S vote for Estonia 😘 🇪🇪 ❤️

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