“I love the idea of all this countries doing something big, together like this for music!” – Renee Santana [Interview]

In the lead-up to the Romanian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, was lucky enough to speak to Renee Santana, who will try to win the ticket to Copenhagen together with Mike Diamondz and their song Letting Go. Read what she had to say below! Hey Renee! First of all, I’d like to thank you for your time! How do you feel, so shortly before the national final?
Renee: I’m very very excited! This happens to me everytime I come to Romania. I love being here.
X: Could you tell us something about yourself?
R: Well, there are many things I could share about my self. I’m a very optimistic person, and I love doing what I do. I’m very exited to have this opportunity again, and share with you what I do.
X: Why did you decide to apply for the Romanian national final again?
R:  I wasn’t sure at first. I wanted to keep focusing on my work, my new music, and my career in a normal way! Specially because I know very little about how Eurovision works. I have a great team with Florin & Mihai ( Florin Barac is for PR/Booking  and Mihai Alexandru is  The Producer )… After long talks we decided it would be fun! I’m very very very exited to work with Mike Diamondz. He is sooooo talented! I hope we do a lot of things together.
X: It’ll be your second year in a row in the Romanian national final. Last year, you came 7th. What’s your secret to climb onto #1 this year?
R: I have no secret. I like to believe is just music, and I like Mihai’s work. This is a song contest, I like the song. I’m here to enjoy the experience once again!
X: You were one of the favourites last year for the international fan community. Did you notice anything from your role as favourite there?
R: Yes! A lot of people wrote me from all over the world. I am very proud and happy to be in touch with more and more people. Everyone has been incredibly nice with me! I’m a lucky girl.
X: What would your first reaction be if you’d win the national final?
R: I would probably hug everyone around me! Starting with my team. Hahaha they can tell you… I love hugs. Of course I would be happy… And nervous… !
X: What will your stage performance look like?
R: Still working on it. Surprise surprise!
X: Are you a Eurovision fan?
R:  I started doing some research when I started on the show last year. I love the idea of all this countries doing something big, together like this for music!  I definitely enjoyed a lot of acts!
I still have a lot to learn about it. I don’t understand how it works! Haha
X: Do you have an all time favourite Eurovision song?
R: My favorite so far, is Loreen. My god… She is amazing! I loved her performance, her energy, her song, her voice… And, she is gorgeous! What else can you ask for in life? Hahaha
X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of
R: First of all, thank you very much for this interview. Thanks everyone for reading this, and I promise you will be hearing a lot more about me. Write me anytime on  We’ll be in touch! Big hug! would like to thank Renee Santana for answering these questions! We would also like to wish her and Mike Diamondz the best of luck in Saturday’s national final! You can watch their song Letting Go below.

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