“It’s an RnB piece with Romanian Gypsy folklore influence.” – The Zuralia Orchestra [Interview]

In our second of the interviews with the participants in the Romanian national final this Saturday, spoke to The Zuralia Orchestra. They will try to win the ticket with their song You Know. Read what they had to say below! Hey guys! First of all, thank you for your time! How do you feel, so shortly before the national final?
The Zuralia Orchestra: Hello and thank you for your interest! We are very excited, emotional and a bit apprehensive about the show we will perform on the  1st of March in Brasov and we are hoping it will be a great surprise for all our fans.
X: Could you tell us something about your group?
Z: The Zuralia Orchestra is a  Romanian Gypsy Folklore band. Our music is based on Romanian Folklore with consistant Gypsy influence blended with different genres including Latin, Reggae, Oriental etc.
X: Why did you guys decide to apply for the national final?
Z: This is our second attempt at this contest – last year “Sukar Transylvania” made the semifinals. Eurovision  is an opportunity to expose our music to a larger audience.
X: You obviously combine a lot of music styles. How would you describe the music styles you have in your entry, You Know?
Z: It’s an RnB piece with Romanian Gypsy folklore influence. Not to mention an opera  like intro.
X: What is the message you want your listeners to pick up when you sing You Know?
Z: It’s a bit of passion with a restless mind – a modern way of expressing love!
X: What would winning the national final mean to you?
Z: It means appreciation and satisfaction for the hard work in the last three years, but most of all – recognition of our gypsy roots by mainstream audience.
X: During the show Neatza cu Razvan si Dani, you performed You Know. Did that already show us something of what your stage performance this weekend will look?
Z: No, the show will surely be a surprise for everyone. We worked hard to have it ready for this weekend and we are sure our fans and the Romanian public in general will be impressed with our performance.
X: Are you Eurovision fans?rsz_zuralia
Z: Yes, we look at the different genres and styles with interest. Always nice to look at the potential around Europe.
X: Do you have a favourite all-time Eurovision song?
Z: There have been lots of great songs. But if we have to pick one, then we’ll have to vote for ABBA –  the most succesfull winner of Eurovision.
X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of
Z: Music is the language that breaks all barriers!
For you Romanian readers: please vote The Zuralia Orchestra – act number 4.
Thanks again for talking to us and keep up the great work on promoting the artists making history in the ESC! would like to thank The Zuralia Orchestra for their time and answers. We would also like to wish them the best of luck in Saturday’s national final! You can listen to their entry You Know below!

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