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Paula and Ovi win Eurovision berth

Paula Seling and Ovi Ovidiu Cernăuțeanu have won Selecția Națională 2014 and therefore the ticket to represent Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen.
The result was determined by a 50%/50% split of jury and televote scores. Performing “Miracle, Paula and Ovi won victory having taken second place in the televote, but given the advantage by jury scores. Their return to the Eurovision stage, four years after performing “Playing with fire” in Oslo. The third place they achieved there is Romania’s joint best result to date, tied with Luminita Anghel & Sistem.
Paula and Ovi were first to perform in the field of twelve acts. After the public result was revealed, Vaida had over triple the votes Paul and Ovi achieved. However, with this result converted into a “12, 10, 8-1” score, the jurors overturned the verdict comfortably.

Romania results

Romania will perform in the second half of the second semifinal on 8th May. This puts “Miracle” in the producer’s pot alongside TEO’s “Cheesecake”, Softengine’s “Something better”, Cann-linn’s “Heartbeat”, Tijana Dapčević’s “To the sky”, Sebalter’s “Hunter of stars“. You can read a full live blog of Selecția Națională here.

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